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  • 课程;
  • 过程;
  • 当然;
  • 一道菜
1. She'd half expected him to withdraw from the course.


2. He was charged with conspiring to pervert the course of justice.


3. She is currently doing a business studies course at Leeds.


4. On arrival, a six-course meal was top of the agenda.


5. The two communities are now on a collision course.


1. 当然(在英语口语中常用于代替 of course) Course is often used in the expression 'of course', or instead of 'of course' in informal spoken English. See 见 of course
2. N-UNCOUNT (尤指船或飞机的)航向,航线,路线 The course of a vehicle, especially a ship or aircraft, is the route along which it is travelling. 
  • Aircraft can avoid each other by going up and down, as well as by altering course to left or right...


  • The tug was seaward of the Hakai Passage on a course that diverged from the Calvert Island coastline.


3. N-COUNT 行为方式;处理方式 A course of action is an action or a series of actions that you can do in a particular situation. 
  • My best course of action was to help Gill by being loyal, loving and endlessly sympathetic...


  • He must fall on his sword. That's the only course left open to him...


  • Vietnam is trying to decide on its course for the future.


4. N-SING 进程;发展的方向 You can refer to the way that events develop as, for example, the course of history or the course of events
  • ...a series of decisive naval battles which altered the course of history...


  • In the natural course of events cows would wish to be milked more than twice a day...


  • His adult life mirrored the downward course of his father's life.


5. N-COUNT See also: access course; correspondence course; refresher course; sandwich course; (某科目的)课程,讲座 A course is a series of lessons or lectures on a particular subject. 
  • ...a course in business administration...


  • I'm shortly to begin a course on the modern novel.


6. N-COUNT 疗程 A course of medical treatment is a series of treatments that a doctor gives someone. 
  • Treatment is supplemented with a course of antibiotics to kill the bacterium...


  • She went to her doctor, who offered to put her on a course of tranquillizers.


7. N-COUNT 一道菜 A course is one part of a meal. 
  • The lunch was excellent, especially the first course.


  • ...a three-course dinner.


8. N-COUNT (体育)比赛场地;高尔夫球场 In sport, a course is an area of land where races are held or golf is played, or the land over which a race takes place. 
  • Only 12 seconds separated the first three riders on the Bickerstaffe course...


  • In July comes the Tour de France, when 200 cyclists cover a course of 2,000 miles.


9. N-COUNT 河道 The course of a river is the channel along which it flows. 
  • Romantic chateaux and castles overlook the river's twisting course.


10. VERB 快速地流动;奔流 If a liquid courses somewhere, it flows quickly. 
  • The tears coursed down his cheeks...


  • When you're sitting still, you need less blood coursing through your arteries.


11. PREP-PHRASE 在…过程中 If something happens in the course of a particular period of time, it happens during that period of time. 
  • In the course of the 1930s steel production in Britain approximately doubled...


  • We struck up a conversation, in the course of which it emerged that he was a sailing man.


12. PHRASE 照例;自然;理所当然 If you do something as a matter of course, you do it as part of your normal work or way of life. 
  • If police are carrying arms as a matter of course then doesn't it encourage criminals to carry them?


13. PHRASE 在正确航道(或航线)上/偏离航道(或航线) If a ship or aircraft is on course, it is travelling along the correct route. If it is off course, it is no longer travelling along the correct route. 
  • The ill fated ship was sent off course into shallow waters and rammed by another vessel.


14. PREP-PHRASE 很可能做成;可能获得 If you are on course for something, you are likely to achieve it. 
  • England are well on course for a place at the World Cup Finals...


  • The company is on course for profits of £20m in the next financial year.


15. PHRASE 任其发展;听其自然 If something runs its course or takes its course, it develops naturally and comes to a natural end. 
  • They estimated that between 17,000 and 20,000 cows would die before the epidemic had run its course...


  • As for the imprisoned leaders, he asserted that justice would have to take its course.


16. PHRASE 坚持到底 If you stay the course, you finish something that you have started, even though it has become very difficult. 
  • The oldest president in American history had stayed the course for two terms.


17. PHRASE 总有一天;最后;终于 If something changes or becomes true in the course of time, it changes or becomes true over a long period of time. 
  • In the course of time, many of their myths become entangled.


18.   in due course→see: due

1. 课程

  • The college course was then cut to three years.
  • 大学学制那时缩短到三年。

2. 进程, 过程

3. 航向, 航线

  • The ship has altered its course.
  • 这艘船改变了航线。

4. 一道菜

  • There is an elaborate five-course meal.
  • 这儿有五道菜的美餐。

5. (有关某学科的系列)课程,讲座

6. 方针;行动方向

7. 行动方式;处理方法

8. 比赛场地;跑道;赛船水道;泳道

9. 江河流向

10. (医疗、服药等的)疗程

11. (砖、石等墙的)层

12. 前进,进展,进行;经过;过程

13. 行动方向,路线

14. 习惯的程序,正常的秩序

15. 行为,举止,品行

16. 连续的事物,系列


1. 快速地流动;奔流

2. 跑过,越过

3. 追逐,追赶


1. 沿…(方向) 前进;指引航线

  • The boats coursed along the west bank of the river.
  • 小船沿着河的西岸前进。

2. 快跑;迅速移动;快流

  • The tears coursed down her cheeks.
  • 眼泪从她脸上迅速流下来。

3. 与猎犬一起追猎,狩猎;参加马上比武

  • They coursed in the forest.
  • 他们在树林中打猎。

1. education imparted in a series of lessons or class meetings;

  • "he took a course in basket weaving"
  • "flirting is not unknown in college classes"

2. a connected series of events or actions or developments;

  • "the government took a firm course"
  • "historians can only point out those lines for which evidence is available"

3. facility consisting of a circumscribed area of land or water laid out for a sport;

  • "the course had only nine holes"
  • "the course was less than a mile"

4. a mode of action;

  • "if you persist in that course you will surely fail"
  • "once a nation is embarked on a course of action it becomes extremely difficult for any retraction to take place"

5. a line or route along which something travels or moves;

  • "the hurricane demolished houses in its path"
  • "the track of an animal"
  • "the course of the river"

6. general line of orientation;

  • "the river takes a southern course"
  • "the northeastern trend of the coast"

7. part of a meal served at one time;

  • "she prepared a three course meal"

8. (construction) a layer of masonry;

  • "a course of bricks"
  • synonym: row

1. move swiftly through or over;

  • "ships coursing the Atlantic"

2. move along, of liquids;

  • "Water flowed into the cave"
  • "the Missouri feeds into the Mississippi"

3. hunt with hounds;

  • "He often courses hares"

1. as might be expected;

  • "naturally, the lawyer sent us a huge bill"
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  • 1.场地
  • 2.滑道
  • 3.水道


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