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  • 地狱;
  • 阴间;
  • 苦境;
  • 炼狱
1. 地狱 In some religions, hell is the place where the Devil lives, and where wicked people are sent to be punished when they die. Hell is usually imagined as being under the ground and full of flames. 
2. 令人痛苦的境况(或经历);地狱般的地方 If you say that a particular situation or place is hell, you are emphasizing that it is extremely unpleasant. 
  • ...the hell of the Siberian labor camps...


  • Bullies can make your life hell.


  • ...the hells of grief and shame and lost love.


3. (用于咒骂或加强语气)见鬼,该死 Hell is used by some people when they are angry or excited, or when they want to emphasize what they are saying. 
  • 'Hell, no!' the doctor snapped.


4. (用于形容词或一些副词后表示强调)非常,很 You can use as hell after adjectives or some adverbs to emphasize the adjective or adverb. 
  • The men might be armed, but they sure as hell weren't trained...


  • I am angry as hell.


5. 人间地狱 If you say that a place or a situation is hell on earth or a hell on earth, you are emphasizing that it is extremely unpleasant or that it causes great suffering. 
  • She believed she would die in the snake-infested sand dunes. She said: 'It was hell on earth'.


6. 只是为了好玩;玩玩而已 If someone does something for the hell of it, or just for the hell of it, they do it for fun or for no particular reason. 
  • Managers seem to be spending millions just for the hell of it.


  • It was stupid, just vandalism for the hell of it.


7. 一直;永远 If you say that you will do something until hell freezes over, you are emphasizing that you will do it for a very long time or for ever. 
  • He says he'll sit there until hell freezes over before he'll pay them one cent.


8. (用于名词后表示强调)极糟的,坏透的 You can use from hell after a noun when you are emphasizing that something or someone is extremely unpleasant or evil. 
  • He's a child from hell...


  • She is the bitch from hell.


  • ...the holiday from hell.


9. 痛骂;狠狠地责骂 If you say that someone gives you hell, you are emphasizing that they shout at you very angrily because of something you have done wrong. 
  • My father saw this in the newspaper and he gave me absolute hell.


10. 给…带来大麻烦;使…吃足苦头 If you say that something is giving you hell, you are emphasizing that it is causing you a lot of trouble or pain. 
  • My back's giving me hell, let me tell you!...


  • The children give her hell, particularly the older boys.


11. 滚开;滚一边去 If you tell someone to go to hell, you are angrily telling them to go away and leave you alone. 
  • 'Well, you can go to hell!' He swept out of the room.


12. (表示不屑)见你的鬼去,去你的 If you say that someone can go to hell, you are emphasizing angrily that you do not care about them and that they will not stop you doing what you want. 
  • Peter can go to hell. It's my money and I'll leave it to who I want...


  • I'm going to do as I please and let 'em all go to hell.


13. 飞快地;以危险的高速 If you say that someone is going hell for leather, you are emphasizing that they are doing something or are moving very quickly and perhaps carelessly. 
  • The first horse often goes hell for leather, hits a few fences but gets away with it...


  • They've been going hell for leather, trying to record as much as they can.


14. (表示反对)绝对不行 Some people say like hell to emphasize that they strongly disagree with you or are strongly opposed to what you say. 
  • 'I'll go myself.' — 'Like hell you will!'


15. (表示强调)非常,很 Some people use like hell to emphasize how strong an action or quality is. 
  • It hurts like hell...


  • I missed her like hell.


16. 活地狱 If you describe a place or situation as a living hell, you are emphasizing that it is extremely unpleasant. 
  • School is a living hell for some children.


17. 大乱起来;喧闹起来;闹翻天 If you say that all hell breaks loose, you are emphasizing that a lot of arguing or fighting suddenly starts. 
  • He had an affair, I found out and then all hell broke loose.


18. 许多;大量 If you talk about a hell of a lot of something, or one hell of a lot of something, you mean that there is a large amount of it. 
  • The manager took a hell of a lot of money out of the club.


19. (表示强调)极好,极坏,极大 Some people use a hell of or one hell of to emphasize that something is very good, very bad, or very big. 
  • Whatever the outcome, it's going to be one hell of a fight.


20. (从…)立即离开,很快脱身 If you tell someone to get the hell out of a place, you are telling them angrily or emphatically to leave that place immediately. 
  • Get the hell out of my way...


  • I got the hell out of Glasgow and I can honestly say I will never go back.


21. (用在 scare, irritate 和 beat 等动词后表示强调)大大地,猛烈地 Some people use the hell out of for emphasis after verbs such as 'scare', 'irritate', and 'beat'. 
  • I patted the top of her head in the condescending way I knew irritated the hell out of her...


  • Those cops beat the hell out of me.


22. 会有严重问题;会有大麻烦 If you say there'll be hell to pay, you are emphasizing that there will be serious trouble. 
  • There would be hell to pay when Ferguson and Tony found out about it.


23. 破坏,损害,搅乱,给…制造麻烦(英国英语中亦作play merry hell with) To play hell with something means to have a bad effect on it or cause great confusion. In British English, you can also say that one person or thing plays merry hell with another. 
  • Lord Beaverbrook, to put it bluntly, played hell with the war policy of the R.A.F...


  • Slugs play merry hell with emerging shoots.


24. 大吵大闹;叫嚷着反对;大兴问罪之师 If you say that someone raises hell, you are emphasizing that they protest strongly and angrily about a situation in order to persuade other people to correct it or improve it. 
  • She came in and raised hell. Her son's sports bag was missing...


  • The only way to preserve democracy is to raise hell about its shortcomings.


25. (用于what、where、why等词后表示生气)到底,究竟 People sometimes use the hell for emphasis in questions, after words such as 'what', 'where', and 'why', often in order to express anger. 
  • Where the hell have you been?...


  • Why the hell should I know about Dadinha?...


  • What the hell's going on?


26. (使)经受重重困难;(使)吃苦头 If you go through hell, or if someone puts you through hell, you have a very difficult or unpleasant time. 
  • All of you seem to have gone through hell making this record...


  • I put Brian through hell.


27. 打心眼里盼望;极想 If you say you hope to hell or wish to hell that something is true, you are emphasizing that you strongly hope or wish it is true. 
  • I hope to hell you're right.


28. 无论有多大困难;不管发生什么;赴汤蹈火 If you say that you will do something come hell or high water, you are emphasizing that you are determined to do it, in spite of the difficulties involved. 
  • I've always managed to get into work come hell or high water.


29. 管他呢 You can say 'what the hell' when you decide to do something in spite of the doubts that you have about it. 
  • What the hell, I thought, at least it will give the lazy old man some exercise.


30. (表示不在乎)让…见鬼去吧 If you say 'to hell with' something, you are emphasizing that you do not care about something and that it will not stop you from doing what you want to do. 
  • To hell with this, I'm getting out of here...


  • To hell with grades and qualifications.



1. any place of pain and turmoil;

  • "the hell of battle"
  • "the inferno of the engine room"
  • "when you're alone Christmas is the pits";

2. a cause of difficulty and suffering;

  • "war is hell"
  • "go to blazes"

3. violent and excited activity;

  • "they began to fight like sin"
  • synonym: sin

4. noisy and unrestrained mischief;

  • "raising blazes"
  • 1.齿踵




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