1. Issues such as these were not really his concern.


2. But legal experts are not sure if such a charge can stick.


3. Rather taken aback by such forwardness, I slammed down the phone.


4. The government wilted in the face of such powerful pressure.


5. You flatter yourself. Why would we go to such ludicrous lengths?


When such is used as a predeterminer, it is followed by ‘a’ and a count noun in the singular. When it is used as a determiner, it is followed by a count noun in the plural or by an uncount noun. such 用作前置限定词时后跟 a 和单数可数名词,用作限定词时后跟复数可数名词或不可数名词。
1. DET 这样的;那样的;上述的;诸如此类的 You use such to refer back to the thing or person that you have just mentioned, or a thing or person like the one that you have just mentioned. You use such as and to introduce a reference to the person or thing that has just been mentioned. 
  • There have been previous attempts at coups. We regard such methods as entirely unacceptable...


  • You say you feel that you're being made to choose, and so you are. Such choices as this are a by-product of freedom...


  • There'd be no telling how John would react to such news as this.


  • Such is also a predeterminer.
    • If your request is for information about a child, please contact the Registrar to find out how to make such a request...


    • She has told us that when she goes back to stay with her family, they make her pay rent. We could not believe such a thing...


    • How can we make sense of such a story as this?


  • Such is also used before be .(亦用在 be 前)
    • We are scared because we are being watched — such is the atmosphere in Pristina and other cities in Kosovo.


  • As such is also used.(亦使用 as such)
    • There should be a law ensuring products tested on animals have to be labelled as such.


  • Such as is also used.(亦使用 such as)
    • Issues such as these were not really his concern...


    • I wouldn't see another chance such as this in my lifetime.


2. DET (后接从句)…那种的,…那样的 You use to link something or someone with a clause in which you give a description of the kind of thing or person that you mean. 
  • Each member of the alliance agrees to take such action as it deems necessary, including the use of armed force...


  • Britain is not enjoying such prosperity as it was in the mid-1980s.

    英国现在已经不像 20 世纪 80 年代中期那么繁荣昌盛。

  • Such as is also used.(亦使用 such as)
    • Children do not use inflections such as are used in mature adult speech...


    • His confessions to the two killings did reveal special knowledge such as could only have been known by the killer.


3. DET (用于举例)例如,像,诸如 You use to introduce one or more examples of the kind of thing or person that you have just mentioned. 
  • He was said to have written such books as The Day of Locusts and Miss Lonely Hearts.


  • ...such careers as teaching, nursing, hairdressing and catering.


  • ...delays caused by such things as bad weather or industrial disputes.


  • Such as is also used.(亦使用 such as)
    • ...serious offences, such as assault on a police officer...


    • He definitely wants to perform further tests, such as a biopsy and some x-rays...

      他肯定很想做进一步的检查,如活组织检查和 X 光片等。

    • When I get tired, such as when I'm working on my computer, I turn to biscuits.


4. DET (用于名词词组前强调某事的程度或某事了不起)如此,这样,非常 You use such before noun groups to emphasize the extent of something or to emphasize that something is remarkable. 
  • I think most of us don't want to read what's in the newspaper anyway in such detail...


  • One will never be able to understand why these political issues can acquire such force...


  • The economy was not in such bad shape, he says.


  • Such is also a predeterminer.
    • You know the health service is in such a state and it's getting desperate now...


    • He had such a way with the ladies...


    • It was such a pleasant surprise...


    • He's such a sweet boy, isn't he.


5. PREDET (用于强调程度)如此…,非常…(以至于…) You use such...that in order to emphasize the degree of something by mentioning the result or consequence of it. 
  • The weather has brought such a demand for beer that one brewery will operate over the weekend...


  • This is something where you can earn such a lot of money that there is not any risk that you will lose it...


  • He was in such a hurry that he almost pushed me over on the stairs.


  • Such is also a determiner.
    • She looked at him in such distress that he had to look away.


  • Such is also used after be .(亦用在 be 后) 
    • Though Vivaldi had earned a great deal in his lifetime, his extravagance was such that he died in poverty...


    • He kept thinking the pain was such that he would faint.


6. DET (用于表示结果)如此…使得… You use such...that or in order to say what the result or consequence of something that you have just mentioned is. 
  • The operation has uncovered such backstreet dealing in stolen property that police might now press for changes in the law.


  • Such is also a predeterminer.
    • He could put an idea in such a way that Alan would believe it was his own.


  • Such is also used after be .(亦用在 be 后)
    • OFSTED's brief is such that it can conduct any inquiry or provide any advice which the Secretary of State requires.


Usage Note :

Such is followed by a when the noun is something that can be counted. ...such a pleasant surprise. It is not followed by a when the noun is plural or something that cannot be counted. ...such beautiful girls. ...such power. You do not use such when you are talking about something that is present, or about the place where you are. You need to use the phrases like that or like this. Forexample, if you are admiring someone's watch, you do not say 'I'd like such a watch'. You say 'I'd like a watch like that'. Similarly, you do not say about the town where you are living 'There's not much to do in such a town'. You say 'There's not much to do in a town like this'. Such in other contexts is quite formal.

such 后跟可数名词时要加a,如:such a pleasant surprise (如此的惊喜)。当后跟的名词为复数或不可数形式时,不加 a,如:such beautiful girls (如此漂亮的女孩们),such power (如此的权力)。谈论此时此地的事物时不用 such,而应用 like that,like this 等词组表示。例如,表示喜欢别人的手表,不说 I'd like such a watch,而说 I'd like a watch like that (我也想要那样的手表)。同样,当说到所居住的城镇时,不能说 There's not much to do in such a town,而说 There's not much to do in a town like this (在这样一个镇里没有多少事可做)。such 在其他语境中的用法较正式。

7. PHRASE (用于不想明确指出时)某,某个 You use such and such to refer to a thing or person when you do not want to be exact or precise. 
  • I said, 'Well what time'll I get to Leeds?' and he said such and such a time but I missed my connection...


  • They're informed that we've got this money to spend and we will do such and such with it.


8. PHRASE 就是这样;就是如此;就是这么回事儿 You use such as it is or such as they are to suggest that the thing you have just mentioned is not very good, important, or useful. 
  • Well my toilet's all blocked up and I've got it all coming into my flat and it'll ruin my home, such as it is...


  • The British Women's Movement, such as it is these days, came up with a programme of speeches at the House of Commons.


9. PHRASE (与否定词连用)严格来说,真正意义上 You use as such with a negative to indicate that a word or expression is not a very accurate description of the actual situation. 
  • I am not a learner as such —I used to ride a bike years ago...


  • Mark joined as an office boy at the age of fourteen with no academic qualifications as such at all...


  • There is no rudder as such, so the craft can be steered only when under power.


10. PHRASE (用于名词后)本身 You use as such after a noun to indicate that you are considering that thing on its own, separately from other things or factors. 
  • House prices are easily upset by factors which have nothing to do with property as such. The fall in prices in the South-East results largely from the high rate of interest on mortgages...


  • Mr Simon said he was not against taxes as such, 'but I do object when taxation is justified on spurious or dishonest grounds,' he says.


11.   no such thing→see: thing

1. 这样的; 如此的

  • He spent all his money, he is such a fool.
  • 他这样傻, 花光了所有的钱。
  • Everyone was indoors on such a night.
  • 在这样的晚上谁都会待在室内。

2. (强调程度)这么大的; 非常的

  • He's such a kind man.
  • 他十分和蔼可亲。
  • The garage did such a bad repair.
  • 修车厂的活干得如此之差。

1. 这样的事物[人]

  • He claimed to be a scholar but was not such.
  • 他自称是个学者, 但实际上并非如此。
  • Such is life!
  • 人生就是这样。
  • Such are the most powerful voices of our times!
  • 这些就是我们时代的最有力的声音!

1. of a kind specified or understood;

  • "it's difficult to please such people"
  • "on such a night as this"
  • "animals such as lions and tigers"

2. of a degree or quality specified (by the `that' clause);

  • "their anxiety was such that they could not sleep"

3. of so extreme a degree or extent;

  • "such weeping"
  • "so much weeping"
  • "such a help"
  • "such grief"
  • "never dreamed of such beauty"

1. to so extreme a degree;

  • "he is such a baby"
  • "Such rich people!"


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词性及解释 ? adj. 这样的, 这种, 某一 pron.这样的人锛埫秋級或物 例句 Such carpenter, such chip. 什么木匠出什么活。 Such as? 例如? No such luck! 没那份运气! One such round. 一圈每个人都打出一张牌的一轮 Such a narrative. 见闻录这样的叙述 比较so和 such ? 其规律由so与such的不同词性决定。such 是形容词,修饰名词或名词词组,so是副词,只能修饰形容词或副词。so 还可与表示数量的形容词many,few,much, li

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