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  • search


    • [sɜːtʃ]
    • [sɜːrtʃ]


    • 常用
    • 高考讲解
    • v.
      搜寻,搜索; 调查; 搜查; 探求;
    • n.
      搜索; 调查; 探求;


  • 词态变化

    • 第三人称单数: searches;
    • 过去式: searched;
    • 过去分词: searched;
    • 现在分词: searching;
  • 实用场景例句

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    • 搜寻
    • 搜索
    • 调查
    • 搜查
    • 探求

    a long search for the murder weapon



    The search party was teleported down to the planet's surface.



    You can use a directory service to search for people on the Internet.



    Scientists in search of a challenging career could do worse than consider forensic science.



    Yesterday they continued the search, digging up the back yard of a police station.



    The Italian government was preparing to dispatch 4,000 soldiers to search the island.



    Egypt has said there is no time to lose in the search for a Middle East settlement.



    His confronting me forced me to search for the answers.



    An obsessive search for our inner selves, far from saving the world, could send us all mad.



    Officers armed with a search warrant entered the flat.



    As is the custom, police forensic experts carried out a painstaking search of the debris.



    They are a lost generation in search of an identity.



    People migrate to cities like Jakarta in search of work.



    Heedless of time or any other consideration, they began to search the underwater cave.



    They suspected that he might be carrying a weapon and ordered a strip search.



    Pirandello titled his play "Six Characters in Search of an Author"



    It was decided to call off the search when there was no hope of finding the missing child alive.



    The search was hampered by appalling weather conditions.



    Migrant workers move from country to country in search of work.



    How can we search out the right man for the job?

    我们怎样才能找到干这项工作的合适人选 呢 ?


    The new law empowered the police to search private house.



    It took me several weeks to search out the book that I wanted.



    A major search is under way to find the escaped prisoners.



    He despairingly abandoned his search.



    The search has narrowed down to a few streets.



    His life's work can be reduced to a search for truth.



    A search party was organized to look for the man trapped in the snow.



    The police at once began a search from house to house for a criminal.



    The search proved difficult, for the puma was often observed at one place in the morning and at another place twenty miles away in the evening.

    搜捕工作证明是很困难的, 因为人们看到的这只美洲狮常常是早上在一个地方,而晚上又在二十英里之外的另一个地方.


  • 真题例句

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    • 四级
    • 六级
    • 高考
    • 考研

    In search of a meaningful life, Leah gave up what she had and set up her own yoga studios.


    In her search to live a life of purpose, Leah left her high-paying accounting job, her husband, and her home.


    And that the characteristics adult children look for when they begin the search are not necessarily the things that make a difference to the people who are going to move in.


    So, too, would the motion detectors in your home, so the thief will need to continue jamming once he's inside and searching for things to steal.


    Burglars can easily get a security device's frequency by Internet search.


    If you are a college student looking for a part-time job, the best place to start your job search is right on campus.


    The Unemployed Man and His Family, described a family in which the husband initially reacted to losing his job "with tireless search for work.


    A search is now under way to confirm the suspected existence of particles of matter that move at a speed greater than light, and therefore, might serve as our passports to the past.


    search of food, they make the waste sites their winter feeding grounds.


    They have forced white storks to search for safer winter shelters.


    Instead of flying thousands of miles in search of food, they make the waste sites their winter feeding grounds.


    A search for balance between tradition and novelty.


    Du Bravac works for CTA – which puts on the show each year – and said that this shift to a search for solutions has been noticeable as he researched his predictions for 2016.


    If supervisors do not acknowledge such outstanding performance, employees may either lose their enthusiasm and reduce their effort or search for a new job at a firm that will reward them for high performance.


    As Santiago de la Mora, head of Google Books for Europe, puts it: "By making it possible to search the millions of books that exist today, we hope to expand the frontiers of human knowledge.


    Google's core business is search and find, so obviously what helps improve Google's search engine is good for Google," he says.


    make full use of the power of its search engine


    to promote its core business of searching


    A chronicle professor, Henry Louis Gates, recently studied are search project looking into 19th century African-American fiction and poetry.


    Growth of cultured meat is also under way in the Netherlands", Mironov told Reuters in an interview, "but in the United States, it is science in search of funding and demand.


    You might expect that the student who had undertaken the most exhausted search would be the most satisfied with their final decision, but it turns out that's not true.


    And, like the child in January, they go searching for new toys.

    2014年高考英语全国卷1 完形填空 原文

    Below are search results from a university library's database.

    2016年高考英语浙江卷(6月) 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

    But one difference: fewer of this year's graduates have started to search for jobs.

    2016年高考英语全国卷1 听力 原文

    Engineering graduates were more likely to have started their job search already, and to have accepted a job.

    2016年高考英语全国卷1 听力 原文

    Few want to live without search engines or a quick delivery.

    2017年高考英语江苏卷 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

    Firstly, they spent more time in search food.

    2019年高考英语江苏卷 阅读理解 任务型阅读 原文

    How many books published in 2015 are found in this search?

    2016年高考英语浙江卷(6月) 阅读理解 阅读B 题设

    I myself went through this searching process and found something that has changed my experience at college for the better: I discovered asl-American sign language.

    2017年高考英语全国卷1 完形填空 原文

    I was searching for these three western lowland gorillas I'd been observing.

    2018年高考英语全国卷3 语法填空 原文

    It's simpler because, if you have a computer, you can find information you need by searching the Internet.

    2015年高考英语湖南卷 短文填空 原文

    Jeff searched in vain for Rosie in the next four days.

    2019年高考英语全国卷2 完形填空 原文

    Naomi heard multiple stops and starts, Steve struggling, searching while his wife joni called him "honey" and encouraged him.

    2019年高考英语江苏卷 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

    Pahlsson and her husband searched the kitchen, checking every corner, but turned up nothing.

    2017年高考英语浙江卷(6月) 语法填空 原文

    Six volunteers slid down the cliff with the help of a rope but gave up all hope of finding her alive after a 90-minute search.

    2015年高考英语陕西卷 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

    Trainees also get a good start on their wilderness survival badge as they learn about water-and land-survival through designed tasks and their search and rescue of "downed " pilot.

    2018年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

    DNA testing is also the latest rage many passionate genealogists-and supports businesses that offer to search for a family's geographic roots.


    Says Korn/Ferry senior partner Dennis Carey:”I can’t think of a single search I’ve done where a board has not instructed me to look at sitting CEOs first.


    Since the days of Aristotle, a search for universal principles has characterized the scientific enterprise.


    By watching what people search for, click on and say online, companies can aim “behavioural” ads at those most likely to buy.


    Such searches can take years.


    Only if the jobless arrive at the jobcentre with a CV, register for online job search, and start looking for work will they be eligible for benefit—and then they should report weekly rather than fortnightly.


    Most archaeological sites have been located by means of careful searching, while many others have been discovered by accident.


    It is as though 20 years of ever-tougher reforms of the job search and benefit administration system never happened.


    In order to “change lives for the better” and reduce “dependency”, George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, introduced the “upfront work search” scheme.


    He was searching for tiny engraved seals attributed to the ancient Mycenaean culture that dominated Greece from the 1400s to 1200s BC.


    Just how much does the Constitution protect your digital data? The Supreme Court will now consider whether police can search the contents of a mobile phone without a warrant if the phone is on or around a person during an arrest.


    In many cases, it would not be overly onerous for authorities to obtain a warrant to search through phone contents.


    Citizens still have a right to expect private documents to remain private and protected by the Constitution’s prohibition on unreasonable searches.


    California has asked the justices to refrain from a sweeping ruling particularly one that upsets the old assumption that authorities may search through the possessions of suspects at the time of their arrest.


    But unlike their absolutist counterparts in the Gulf and Asia, most royal families have survived because they allow voters to avoid the difficult search for a non-controversial but respected public figure.


  • 英英释义


    • 1. the activity of looking thoroughly in order to find something or someone
    • 2. an investigation seeking answers;

      "a thorough search of the ledgers revealed nothing"

      "the outcome justified the search"

    • 3. an operation that determines whether one or more of a set of items has a specified property;

      "they wrote a program to do a table lookup"

    • 4. the examination of alternative hypotheses;

      "his search for a move that would avoid checkmate was unsuccessful"

    • 5. boarding and inspecting a ship on the high seas;

      "right of search"


    • 1. try to locate or discover, or try to establish the existence of;

      "The police are searching for clues"

      "They are searching for the missing man in the entire county"

    • 2. search or seek;

      "We looked all day and finally found the child in the forest"

      "Look elsewhere for the perfect gift!"

    • 3. inquire into
    • 4. subject to a search;

      "The police searched the suspect"

      "We searched the whole house for the missing keys"

  • 词根词缀

    词根: search


    • n.

      researcher 研究员

      research[n.&v. 研究, 调查]+er人→n.研究员

    • n.&v.

      research 研究, 调查

      re一再+search搜索,调查→n.&v. 研究, 调查

      search 搜寻,探查

      search搜索,调查→n.&v. 搜寻,探查 v. 搜集,探查

    • v.

      search 搜集,探查

      search搜索,调查→n.&v. 搜寻,探查 v. 搜集,探查

  • 词组搭配

    search me!

    (informal)I do not know (used for emphasis)


    in search of


    make a search for


    search me&I{【俚语】}

    Used by a speaker to indicate that he or she does not have an answer to a question just asked.


  • 同义词辨析

    search, seek, comb


    • search: 侧重努力和彻底搜寻某人或某地。
    • seek: 书面用词,使用广。指付出很大努力去寻找某人或某物。
    • comb: 指像梳头一样进行搜寻,侧重费力和彻底搜查。
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