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  • 自由;
  • 免费;
  • 自由的;
  • 免费的
1. ADJ 免费的 If something is free, you can have it or use it without paying for it. 
  • The seminars are free, with lunch provided.


  • ...a free brochure with details of gift vouchers.


2.   free of charge→see: charge
3. ADJ-GRADED 自由的;不受约束的;没有限制的 Someone or something that is free is not restricted, controlled, or limited, for example by rules, customs, or other people. 
  • The government will be free to pursue its economic policies...


  • The elections were free and fair...


  • Economists argued that freer markets would quickly revive the region's economy...


  • They cast their votes freely and without coercion on election day...


  • Merchandise can now circulate freely among the EU countries.


4. VERB 使摆脱;使去掉 If you free someone of something that is unpleasant or restricting, you remove it from them. 
  • It will free us of a whole lot of debt...


  • The 30-year-old star is trying to free himself from his recording contract.

    这位30 岁的明星正试图从他的唱片合约中脱身。

5. ADJ (人身)自由的;不受监禁(或奴役)的 Someone who is free is no longer a prisoner or a slave. 
  • He walked from the court house a free man...


  • More than ninety prisoners have been set free so far under a government amnesty.

    目前已有 90 多名犯人因为一项政府特赦获得自由。

6. VERB 使人身自由;解放;释放 To free a prisoner or a slave means to let them go or release them from prison. 
  • Israel is set to free more Lebanese prisoners...


  • The act had a specific intent, to protect freed slaves from white mobs.


7. ADJ 无…的;摆脱了…的 If someone or something is free of or free from an unpleasant thing, they do not have it or they are not affected by it. 
  • ...a future far more free of fear...


  • She retains her slim figure and is free of wrinkles...


  • The filtration system provides the crew with clean air free from fumes.


8. ADJ See also: duty-free; interest-free; tax-free; 免(税)的 A sum of money or type of goods that is free of tax or duty is one that you do not have to pay tax on. 
9. VERB 使解脱出来;使空出来 To free someone or something means to make them available for a task or function that they were previously not available for. 
  • Toolbelts free both hands and lessen the risk of dropping hammers...


  • His deal with Disney will run out shortly, freeing him to pursue his own project...


  • There were more civilians working for the police, freeing officers from desk jobs.


  • Free up means the same as free .free up 同 free
    • It can handle even the most complex graphic jobs, freeing up your computer for other tasks.


10. ADJ 空闲的;有空的;不上班的;不在忙的 If you have a free period of time or are free at a particular time, you are not working or occupied then. 
  • She spent her free time shopping...


  • I used to write during my free periods at school...


  • I am always free at lunchtime.


11. ADJ 不在用的;无人使用的;未被占用的 If something such as a table or seat is free, it is not being used or occupied by anyone, or is not reserved for anyone to use. 
  • There was only one seat free on the train...


  • They took the only free table, which was just inside the door.


12. ADJ 松开的;脱开的;未缚住的;未固定的 If you get something free or if it gets free, it is no longer trapped by anything or attached to anything. 
  • The severe conditions hampered attempts to pull the vessel free of the rig...


  • He pulled his arm free, and strode for the door...


  • The shark was writhing around wildly, trying to get free.


13. VERB 松开;解开;使不再缚住(或固定) If you free someone or something, you remove them from the place in which they have been trapped or become fixed. 
  • It took firemen two hours to cut through the drive belt to free him...


  • He managed to free one hand to ward off a punch.


14. ADJ (手或胳膊)空着的,闲着的 When someone is using one hand or arm to hold or move something, their other hand or arm is referred to as their free one. 
  • He snatched up the receiver and his free hand groped for the switch on the bedside lamp...


  • She checked her fall with her free arm.


15. ADJ-GRADED 慷慨的;大手大脚的;过分给予的 If you say that someone is free with something such as advice or money, you mean that they give a lot of it, sometimes when it is not wanted. 
  • They weren't always so free with their advice...


  • They would often be free with criticism, some of it unjustified.


16. PHRASE 请随意;不必拘谨 You say 'feel free' when you want to give someone permission to do something, in a very willing way. 
  • Go right ahead. Feel free...


  • If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask me.


17. PHRASE 义务地;无偿地;免费地 If you do something or get something for free, you do it without being paid or get it without having to pay for it. 
  • I wasn't expecting you to do it for free...


  • Why waste £50 when you could get it for free?


18. PHRASE (表达批评意见时用于强调)不管怎样 You say that you will express a critical opinion about something for free when you want to emphasize how strongly you feel about it. 
  • I'll tell you one thing for free: I can't stand him.


19.   to give someone a free hand→see: hand
20. PHRASAL VERB 开放,放开(市场、经济或体系) To free up a market, economy, or system means to make it operate with fewer restrictions and controls. 
  • ...policies for freeing up markets and extending competition.


free up 

1. 自由的; 不受约束的

  • Everyone is free to express himself.
  • 每个人都可以畅所欲言。

2. 免费的, 无偿的

  • Peter gave me two free tickets for the concert.
  • 彼得给了我两张音乐会的免费门票。
  • The loan is interest free.
  • 这贷款是无息的。

3. 空闲的; 不忙的

4. 摆脱…的; 不受…影响的


1. 免费地

2. 自由地, 无拘束地

  • The children ran free across the meadow.
  • 孩子们在草地里自由地奔跑。

1. 免除; 释放


1. 使......免除,使......释放,使.....摆脱

  • Education can free people from poverty.
  • 教育能使人摆脱贫穷

1. people who are free;

  • "the home of the free and the brave"

1. grant freedom to; free from confinement

2. relieve from;

  • "Rid the the house of pests"

3. remove or force out from a position;

  • "The dentist dislodged the piece of food that had been stuck under my gums"
  • "He finally could free the legs of the earthquake victim who was buried in the rubble"

4. grant relief or an exemption from a rule or requirement to;

  • "She exempted me from the exam"

5. make (information) available publication;

  • "release the list with the names of the prisoners"

6. free from obligations or duties

7. free or remove obstruction from;

  • "free a path across the cluttered floor"

8. let off the hook;

  • "I absolve you from this responsibility"

9. part with a possession or right;

  • "I am relinquishing my bedroom to the long-term house guest"
  • "resign a claim to the throne"

10. make (assets) available;

  • "release the holdings in the dictator's bank account"

1. able to act at will; not hampered; not under compulsion or restraint;

  • "free enterprise"
  • "a free port"
  • "a free country"
  • "I have an hour free"
  • "free will"
  • "free of racism"
  • "feel free to stay as long as you wish"
  • "a free choice"

2. unconstrained or not chemically bound in a molecule or not fixed and capable of relatively unrestricted motion;

  • "free expansion"
  • "free oxygen"
  • "a free electron"

3. costing nothing;

  • "complimentary tickets"

4. not occupied or in use;

  • "a free locker"
  • "a free lane"

5. not fixed in position;

  • "the detached shutter fell on him"
  • "he pulled his arm free and ran"

6. not held in servitude;

  • "after the Civil War he was a free man"

7. not taken up by scheduled activities;

  • "a free hour between classes"
  • "spare time on my hands"

8. not literal;

  • "a loose interpretation of what she had been told"
  • "a free translation of the poem"

1. without restraint;

  • "cows in India are running loose"
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  • 1.轮空
  • 2.自由的
  • 3.随意的
  • 4.顺风的
  • 5.腾身的




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