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  • 高;
  • 高度;
  • 高的;
  • 最高价
1. Powell's unusual journey to high office is an inspiration to millions.


2. If cancers are spotted early there'sa high chance of survival.


3. That big high-rise above us is where Brian lives.


4. High winds have knocked down trees and power lines.


5. A high turnout was reported at the polling booths.


1. ADJ-GRADED 高的(不用于形容人或动植物) Something that is high extends a long way from the bottom to the top when it is upright. You do not use high to describe people, animals, or plants. 
  • ...a house, with a high wall all around it...


  • Mount Marcy is the highest mountain in the Adirondacks.


  • ...distraught people who have threatened to jump from high buildings.


  • High is also an adverb.
    • ...wagons packed high with bureaus, bedding, and cooking pots.


Usage Note :

The word you should use to describe people, animals, or plants is tall. She was rather tall for a woman. Tall is also used to describe buildings such as skyscrapers, and other things whose height is much greater than their width. ...tall pine trees. ...a tall glass vase.

形容人、动物或植物高时应该用tall。例如,She was rather tall for a woman(她在女人中已是相当高了)。tall 也可以用来形容摩天大楼等建筑物,以及其他高度远远超过宽度的物体。例如,tall pine trees(高挺的松树),a tall glass vase(一只高挑的玻璃花瓶)。

2. ADJ 高度为…的;有…高的 You use high to talk or ask about how much something upright measures from the bottom to the top. 
  • ...an elegant bronze horse only nine inches high...


  • The grass in the yard was waist high...


  • Measure your garage: how high is the door?


3. ADJ-GRADED (相对地面、海平面、其他人或物)高的 If something is high, it is a long way above the ground, above sea level, or above a person or thing. 
  • I looked down from the high window...


  • The bridge was high, jacked up on wooden piers...


  • The sun was high in the sky, blazing down on us...


  • High is also an adverb.
    • ...being able to run faster or jump higher than other people.


  • If something is high up, it is a long way above the ground, above sea level, or above a person or thing.(相对地面、海平面、其他人或物)高得多的
    • His farm was high up in the hills.


    • ...grapes grown high up on the cliff...


    • We saw three birds circling very high up.


4. ADJ-GRADED (数量、程度、强度等)高的 You can use high to indicate that something is great in amount, degree, or intensity. 
  • The European country with the highest birth rate is Ireland...


  • Official reports said casualties were high...


  • The higher the risk of lending money, the higher is the interest rate demanded by the lenders...


  • High is also an adverb.
    • He expects the unemployment figures to rise even higher in coming months.


  • You can use phrases such as 'in the high 80s' to indicate that a number or level is, for example, more than 85 but not as much as 90.85以上的;接近90的
5. ADJ-GRADED (食物等)含…高的,富含…的 If a food or other substance is high in a particular ingredient, it contains a large amount of that ingredient. 
  • Don't indulge in rich sauces, fried food and thick pastry as these are high in fat.


  • ...a superb compost, high in calcium.


6. N-COUNT 最高点;最高水平 If something reaches a high of a particular amount or degree, that is the greatest it has ever been. 
  • Traffic from Jordan to Iraq is down to a dozen loaded lorries a day, compared with a high of 200 a day...


  • Sales of Russian vodka have reached an all-time high.


7. ADJ-GRADED (重要性)高的;重要的 If you say that something is a high priority or is high on your list, you mean that you consider it to be one of the most important things you have to do or deal with. 
  • The Labour Party has not made the issue a high priority...


  • Economic reform is high on the agenda.


8. ADJ-GRADED (地位、职位)高的,显赫的 Someone who is high in a particular profession or society, or has a high position, has a very important position and has great authority and influence. 
  • Was there anyone particularly high in the administration who was an advocate of a different policy?...


  • Every single one of the arms companies is controlled by the families of high officials.


  • ...corruption in high places.


  • Someone who is high up in a profession or society has a very important position.(在某职业领域或社会)地位高,身居高位
    • His cousin is somebody quite high up in the navy...


    • You've offended somebody very high up.


9. ADJ 先进的;高级的;复杂的 You can use high to describe something that is advanced or complex. 
  • Neither Anna nor I are interested in high finance.


  • ...the rise of Japan's high technology industries.


10. ADV-GRADED 向高的目标(努力) If you aim high, you try to obtain or to achieve the best that you can. 
  • You should not be afraid to aim high in the quest for an improvement in your income...


  • We just do not set our sights high enough.


11. ADJ-GRADED (声望、评价)高的 If someone has a high reputation, or people have a high opinion of them, people think they are very good in some way, for example at their work. 
  • She has always had a high reputation for her excellent short stories...


  • People have such high expectations of you.


12. ADJ-GRADED (质量、标准)高的 If the quality or standard of something is high, it is very good indeed. 
  • This is high quality stuff...


  • His team were of the highest calibre...


  • Schools award scholarships for high academic achievement.


13. ADJ-GRADED 崇高的;高尚的 If someone has high principles, they are morally good. 
  • He was a man of the highest principles.


14. ADJ-GRADED (音调)高而尖的,高的 A high sound or voice is close to the top of a particular range of notes. 
  • Her high voice really irritated Maria.


15. ADJ-GRADED (河流)水位高的 When a river is high, it contains much more water than usual. 
  • The waters of the Yangtze River are dangerously high for the time of year.


16. ADJ-GRADED 兴奋的;兴高采烈的 If your spirits are high, you feel happy and excited. 
  • Her spirits were high with the hope of seeing Nick in minutes rather than hours.


17. ADJ 喝醉了的;(吸毒后)极度兴奋的 If someone is high on drink or drugs, they are affected by the alcoholic drink or drugs they have taken. 
  • He was too high on drugs and alcohol to remember them.


18. N-COUNT 兴奋;高兴 A high is a feeling or mood of great excitement or happiness. 
19. PHRASE 上级;上面 If you say that something came from on high, you mean that it came from a person or place of great authority. 
  • Orders had come from on high that extra care was to be taken during this week.


20. PHRASE 陷入困境 If you say that you were left high and dry, you are emphasizing that you were left in a difficult situation and were unable to do anything about it. 
  • Schools with better reputations will be flooded with applications while poorer schools will be left high and dry.


21. PHRASE 起起落落;快乐和痛苦;成功和失败 If you refer to the highs and lows of someone's life or career, you are referring to both the successful or happy times, and the unsuccessful or bad times. 
22. PHRASE 到处;各处 If you say that you looked high and low for something, you are emphasizing that you looked for it in every place that you could think of. 
23.   in high dudgeon→see: dudgeon;  come hell or high water→see: hell;  to be high time→see: time

1. 高的; 高度的

  • It's a high building.
  • 这是一幢很高的建筑物。

2. 高级的, 重要的

  • The man with glasses is a high official.
  • 那个戴眼镜的人是一位高级官员。

3. 极度的, 强烈的; 价值高的, 数量大的; 奢侈的

  • She enjoyed the high life.
  • 她过着奢侈的生活。

4. 高尚的

  • Everybody has a high mind.
  • 人人有一个崇高的理想。

5. 全盛的

  • I came to that city in high summer.
  • 我去那个城市时正值盛夏。

6. 高音调的, 尖声的

  • She sang a high note.
  • 她唱的是高音。
  • His voice is very high for a teenage boy.
  • 对一个十几岁的男孩来说, 他的嗓音很尖。

7. 开始变质

  • The beef is high.
  • 牛肉变质了。

8. 高处的;在(或从)高处的,远离地面(或海平面)的

9. 高地的,凸地的,高原的;内陆的

10. (纬度)高的,近南极(或北极)的

11. (身份、地位、级别等)高贵的,高级的;主要的,重要的

12. 上等的,高等的,高水准的,高雅的

13. 强烈的,猛烈的,剧烈的;非常的

14. 兴高采烈的;兴奋的

15. (时间、事业等)恰逢其时的,达于顶点的,高潮的,鼎盛的


1. 高, 高高地; 高音调地

  • They climbed high.
  • 他们攀登得高。

2. 在[向]高的地位

  • To live high does not mean being high in one's qualities.
  • 一个人的生活水平高并不等于品格也高。
  • He's risen high in society.
  • 他有了很高的社会地位。

3. 高价地,高额地

4. (程度等)高地,高度地

5. 高声地,大声地

6. 强烈地,激烈地

7. 奢侈地,奢华地

8. 【航海学】(航行)张满帆地


1. (最)高纪录, (最)高水平

  • The price of food reached a new high this week.
  • 食物价格本周已达到最高。

2. 兴奋, 快感

3. 高处;高地,山丘

4. 天空;高空

5. (汽车的)高速(挡位)

6. 【气象学】高(气)压;高(气)压带

7. 【电子学、无线电】(声频的)高频段


1. a lofty level or position or degree;

  • "summer temperatures reached an all-time high"
  • antonym: low

2. an air mass of higher than normal pressure;

  • "the east coast benefits from a Bermuda high"

3. a state of sustained elation;

  • "I'm on a permanent high these days"

4. a state of altered consciousness induced by alcohol or narcotics;

  • "they took drugs to get a high on"

5. a high place;

  • "they stood on high and observed the coutryside"
  • "he doesn't like heights"

6. a public secondary school usually including grades 9 through 12;

  • "he goes to the neighborhood highschool"

7. a forward gear with a gear ratio giving high vehicle velocity for a given engine speed


1. greater than normal in degree or intensity or amount;

  • "a high temperature"
  • "a high price"
  • "the high point of his career"
  • "high risks"
  • "has high hopes"
  • "the river is high"
  • "he has a high opinion of himself"
  • antonym: low

2. (literal meanings) being at or having a relatively great or specific elevation or upward extension (sometimes used in combinations like `knee-high');

  • "a high mountain"
  • "high ceilings"
  • "high buildings"
  • "a high forehead"
  • "a high incline"
  • "a foot high"
  • antonym: low

3. standing above others in quality or position;

  • "people in high places"
  • "the high priest"
  • "eminent members of the community"

4. used of sounds and voices; high in pitch or frequency

5. happy and excited and energetic

6. used of the smell of game beginning to taint

7. slightly and pleasantly intoxicated from alcohol or a drug (especially marijuana)


1. at a great altitude;

  • "he climbed high on the ladder"

2. in or to a high position, amount, or degree;

  • "prices have gone up far too high"

3. in a rich manner;

  • "he lives high"

4. far up toward the source;

  • "he lives high up the river"
哲学| 土木工程| 大气科学| 机械| 法律| 物理学| 电力
  • 1.高技术产业
  • 2.high-technology industries


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