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  • 一些;
  • 注;
  • 注意;
  • 注释
1. Somehow he tells these stories without a note of horror.


2. She scribbled a note to tell Mum she'dgone out.


3. She had written him a note a couple of weeks earlier.


4. Another interesting note was the predominance of London club players.


5. Stevens wrote him a note asking him to come to his apartment.


1. N-COUNT 便条;便笺 A note is a short letter. 
  • Stevens wrote him a note asking him to come to his apartment...


  • I'll have to leave a note for Karen.


2. N-COUNT 记录;笔记 A note is something that you write down to remind yourself of something. 
  • I knew that if I didn't make a note I would lose the thought so I asked to borrow a pen or pencil...


  • Take notes during the consultation as the final written report is very concise.


3. N-COUNT (书或文章的)按语,注释,说明 In a book or article, a note is a short piece of additional information. 
  • See Note 16 on p. 223.


  • ...'Exiles' by James Joyce, edited with an Introduction and notes by J C C Mays.

    詹姆斯·乔伊斯的《流亡者》,由J.C.C. 梅斯作序并注释

4. N-COUNT 票据;单据;证明书 A note is a short document that has to be signed by someone and that gives official information about something. 
  • Since Mr Bennett was going to need some time off work, he asked for a sick note...


  • I've got half a ton of gravel in the lorry but he won't sign my delivery note.


5. N-COUNT 纸币;钞票 You can refer to a banknote as a note
  • They exchange traveller's cheques at a different rate from notes.


  • ...a five pound note.


in AM, use 美国英语用 bill
6. N-COUNT 音符 In music, a note is the sound of a particular pitch, or a written symbol representing this sound. 
  • She has a deep voice and doesn't even try for the high notes...


  • If the note of D is sounded on a harp, all the corresponding D strings of other octaves will likewise resonate.


7. N-SING (说话的)声调,语气 You can use note to refer to a particular quality in someone's voice that shows how they are feeling. 
  • There is an unmistakable note of nostalgia in his voice when he looks back on the early years of the family business...


  • It was not difficult for him to catch the note of bitterness in my voice.


8. N-SING 调子;感觉;印象;气氛 You can use note to refer to a particular feeling, impression, or atmosphere. 
  • Yesterday's testimony began on a note of passionate but civilized disagreement...


  • Somehow he tells these stories without a note of horror...


  • The furniture strikes a traditional note which is appropriate to its Edwardian setting.


9. VERB 留意到;意识到 If you note a fact, you become aware of it. 
  • The White House has noted his promise to support any attack that was designed to enforce the UN resolutions...


  • Suddenly, I noted that the rain had stopped...


  • Haig noted how he 'looked pinched and rather tired'.


10. VERB 注意;留意 If you tell someone to note something, you are drawing their attention to it. 
  • Note the statue to Sallustio Bandini, a prominent Sienese...


  • Please note that there are a limited number of tickets.


11. VERB 强调指出;特别提到 If you note something, you mention it in order to draw people's attention to it. 
  • The report notes that export and import volumes picked up in leading economies...


  • The yearbook also noted a sharp drop in reported cases of sexually transmitted disease.


12. VERB 记录;记下 When you note something, you write it down as a record of what has happened. 
  • 'He has had his tonsils out and has been ill, too,' she noted in her diary...


  • One policeman was clearly visible noting the number plates of passing cars...


  • A guard came and took our names and noted where each of us was sitting.


13. See also: noted; promissory note; sleeve note;  
14. PHR-RECIP 交换意见;交流情况 If you compare notes with someone on a particular subject, you talk to them and find out whether their opinion, information, or experience is the same as yours. 
  • The women were busily comparing notes on the queen's outfit...


  • They exchanged greetings, compared notes on their wives and families, and finally got down to business.


15. PHRASE 显要的;有名的 Someone or something that is of note is important, worth mentioning, or well-known. 
  • ...politicians of note...


  • He has published nothing of note in the last ten years.


16. PHRASE 表达…的情感;带有…的印象;营造…的氛围 If someone or something strikes a particular note or sounds a particular note, they create a particular feeling, impression, or atmosphere. 
  • Before his first round of discussions, Mr Baker sounded an optimistic note...


  • Plants growing out of cracks in paving strike the right note up a cottage-garden path.


17. PHRASE 留心;注意 If you take note of something, you pay attention to it because you think that it is important or significant. 
  • Take note of the weather conditions...


  • They took note that she showed no surprise at the news of the murder.


18.   to make a mental note→see: mental
note down 

1. 笔记, 摘记

  • He takes[makes] notes in class.
  • 他上课记笔记。

2. 短信, 短笺

  • She sent him a note of thanks.
  • 她寄给他一封简短的感谢信。

3. 注意

  • I took a careful note of where I had left the bag, so as to be sure to find it on my return.
  • 我注意记住我把提包放在什么地方, 这样我回去时就肯定能找到它。

4. 通牒, 函件

  • He presented a note to the British Government.
  • 他向英国政府递交了一份函件。

5. 评注, 注释

  • There ought to be a note on this obsolete word.
  • 这个过时的词应有注释。

6. 暗示, 含义

  • The book ended on an optimistic note.
  • 该书的结尾寓意乐观。

7. 纸币

  • Here is a 5 dollars note for you.
  • 给你一张5美元的钞票。

8. 有关演出、演员生涯、音乐等的)图书资料,录音或唱片等封套介绍

9. 单音;音调;音符

10. 特征;口气;调子;气氛

11. 正式文件;票据;证明书


1. 记录

  • A villager had noted the number of the truck.
  • 一个村民记下了车牌号。

2. 注意

  • Please note my words.
  • 请注意我的话。
  • Note how to do it.
  • 注意看怎么做。
  • Please note that the movie starts at 7 o'clock.
  • 请注意, 电影七点开映。
  • Note how he swims.
  • 注意看他如何游泳。
  • It should be noted that no one would like to take his place.
  • 应该注意的是, 谁也不愿代替他的位置。
  • They noted David to be too clever.
  • 他们注意到大卫过于聪明。
  • I noted a change come over his face.
  • 我发觉他脸上的表情发生了变化。

3. 留意

4. 指出;特别提到


1. a short personal letter;

  • "drop me a line when you get there"

2. a brief written record;

  • "he made a note of the appointment"

3. a characteristic emotional quality;

  • "it ended on a sour note"
  • "there was a note of gaiety in her manner"
  • "he detected a note of sarcasm"

4. a piece of paper money (especially one issued by a central bank);

  • "he peeled off five one-thousand-zloty notes"

5. a notation representing the pitch and duration of a musical sound;

  • "the singer held the note too long"

6. a comment or instruction (usually added);

  • "his notes were appended at the end of the article"
  • "he added a short notation to the address on the envelope"

7. high status importance owing to marked superiority;

  • "a scholar of great eminence"

8. a tone of voice that shows what the speaker is feeling;

  • "there was a note of uncertainty in his voice"

9. a promise to pay a specified amount on demand or at a certain time;

  • "I had to co-sign his note at the bank"

1. make mention of;

  • "She observed that his presentation took up too much time"
  • "They noted that it was a fine day to go sailing"

2. notice or perceive;

  • "She noted that someone was following her"
  • "mark my words"

3. observe with care or pay close attention to;

  • "Take note of this chemical reaction"

4. make a written note of;

  • "she noted everything the teacher said that morning"
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  • 1.记录
  • 2.注意事项


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