[rut, rʊt]




1. Her ankle caught on a root, and she almost lost her balance.


2. It shouldn't take too long to root him out.


3. The forces of National Socialism were transforming Germany root and branch.


4. The germ of an idea took root in Rosemary's mind.


5. They were treating symptoms and not the root cause.


1. N-COUNT 根;根茎 The roots of a plant are the parts of it that grow under the ground. 
  • ...the twisted roots of an apple tree.


2. V-ERG (使)生根成长 If you root a plant or cutting or if it roots, roots form on the bottom of its stem and it starts to grow. 
  • Most plants will root in about six to eight weeks...


  • Root the cuttings in a heated propagator.


3. ADJ (蔬菜、作物等)块根的,根茎可食用的 Root vegetables or root crops are grown for their roots which are large and can be eaten. 
  • ...root crops such as carrots and potatoes.


4. N-COUNT (头发或牙齿的)根,根部 The root of a hair or tooth is the part of it that is underneath the skin. 
  • ...decay around the roots of teeth.


  • ...wax strips which remove hairs cleanly from the root.


5. N-PLURAL 根脉;祖籍;血统;根基 You can refer to the place or culture that a person or their family comes from as their roots
  • I am proud of my Brazilian roots...


  • It's 21 years since she first moved to Britain from the Lebanon, but she hasn't forgotten her roots.


6. N-UNCOUNT 根音乐(受传统文化强烈影响的流行音乐,尤指雷盖音乐) Roots is used to refer to pop music, especially reggae, that is strongly influenced by the traditional music of the culture that it originally came from. 
  • ...superb roots reggae by the likes of Little Roy and Wailing Souls.


7. N-COUNT (问题、困境等的)根源,起因,祸根 You can refer to the cause of a problem or of an unpleasant situation as the root of it or the roots of it. 
  • We got to the root of the problem...


  • This lack of recognition was at the root of the dispute...


  • His sense of guilt had its roots in his childhood loss of his younger sister...


8. N-COUNT 词根 The root of a word is the part that contains its meaning and to which other parts can be added. 
  • The word 'secretary' comes from the same Latin root as the word 'secret'.


9. VERB 翻找;搜寻 If you root through or in something, you search for something by moving other things around. 
  • She rooted through the bag, found what she wanted, and headed toward the door...


  • Dogs root in the debris at the roadside.


10. See also: rooted; cube root; grass roots; square root;  
11. PHRASE 完全地;彻底地 If something has been completely changed or destroyed, you can say that it has been changed or destroyed root and branch
  • The forces of National Socialism were transforming Germany root and branch...


  • Some prison practices are in need of root and branch reform.


12. PHRASE 扎根;定居;安家 If someone puts down roots, they make a place their home, for example by taking part in activities there or by making a lot of friends there. 
  • When they got to Montana, they put down roots and built a life.


13. PHRASE (想法、信念或风俗)深入人心,根深蒂固 If an idea, belief, or custom takes root, it becomes established among a group of people. 
  • Time would be needed for democracy to take root...


  • Without a sensible sex education all kinds of strange and fantastic ideas will take root.


root around  root for  root out 

1. 根, 根部

  • The roots of this plant go deep.
  • 这种植物的根扎得很深。
  • Five is the square root of 25.
  • 五是二十五的平方根。

2. 根源, 根基, 根本, 基础

  • Money is the root of all evil.
  • 金钱是万恶之源。
  • Unhappiness is the root cause of his illness.
  • 不开心是他生病的根源。

3. 祖籍, 原籍, 老家,根(指与出生地或原籍相关联的情感或联系)

  • He has no real roots in this area.
  • 他原籍不在这儿。

4. 词根

5. 根;根茎

6. (数学用语)方根;根

7. 根子;核心

vt. & vi.

1. (指植物)生根成长; 种植(植物)

  • Do roses root easily?
  • 玫瑰容易生根成长吗?
  • Root this bundle of peonies in the garden.
  • 使这束牡丹在花园里生根成长。

2. 翻寻


1. 使(某人)站立不动

  • Fear rooted her to the spot.
  • 她吓得呆若木鸡。
  • Her affection for him is deeply rooted.
  • 她对他的爱是坚定不移的。

2. 使(某事物)深深扎根; 牢固地树立(某事物)

  • Our movement is rooted in the hearts of the people.
  • 我们的运动在人民的心中根深蒂固。

3. 连根拔起(常与up, out 连用)

  • They rooted up all the trees in their garden.
  • 他们把花园里所有的树都连根拔掉。

4. 铲除;根除(常与up, out, away连用)

5. 用鼻拱;以鼻拱翻出

6. 发掘出;找出


1. 扎根;固定

  • The trees have rooted in the rich soil.
  • 树木在肥沃的土壤里已经扎根。

2. 发源;起源于…;起因于…(常与in连用)

  • Our difficulties rooted mainly in lack of money.
  • 我们的困难主要是由于缺钱。

3. 用鼻拱寻(食物)

  • Pigs often root about in the mud for their food.
  • 猪经常用鼻子在泥里拱寻食物。

4. 搜寻;翻找

  • He rooted about in all his drawers and found the lost ball-pen at last.
  • 他在所有的抽屉里翻来翻去,最后终于找到了丢失的圆珠笔。

5. (为参加竞赛者)鼓劲;捧场;欢呼;喝彩(常与for连用)

  • She heard her classmates rooting for her.
  • 她听到她的同班同学在向她喊加油。

6. 支持(常与for连用)

  • There is nothing to be afraid of. We are all rooting for you.
  • 没有什么可怕的。我们全都支持你。

1. (botany) the usually underground organ that lacks buds or leaves or nodes; absorbs water and mineral salts; usually it anchors the plant to the ground

2. (linguistics) the form of a word after all affixes are removed;

  • "thematic vowels are part of the stem"

3. the place where something begins, where it springs into being;

  • "the Italian beginning of the Renaissance"
  • "Jupiter was the origin of the radiation"
  • "Pittsburgh is the source of the Ohio River"
  • "communism's Russian root"

4. a number that when multiplied by itself some number of times equals a given number

5. the set of values that give a true statement when substituted into an equation

6. someone from whom you are descended (but usually more remote than a grandparent)

7. a simple form inferred as the common basis from which related words in several languages can be derived by linguistic processes

8. the part of a tooth that is embedded in the jaw and serves as support


1. take root and begin to grow;

  • "this plant roots quickly"

2. come into existence, originate;

  • "The problem roots in her depression"

3. plant by the roots

4. dig with the snout;

  • "the pig was rooting for truffles"

5. take sides with; align oneself with; show strong sympathy for;

  • "We all rooted for the home team"
  • "I'm pulling for the underdog"
  • "Are you siding with the defender of the title?"

6. become settled or established and stable in one's residence or life style;

  • "He finally settled down"

7. cause to take roots

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  • 1.根
  • 2.鼓气
  • 3.喝彩
  • 4.助威
  • 5.声援


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