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  • had

    • [həd]
    • [hæd]


    • v.
      有( have的过去式和过去分词 ); (亲属关系中)接受; ; 买到;


  • 实用场景例句

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    • 接受
    • 买到

    Their plan had some difficulties in being in operation.



    I withheld payment until they had fulfilled the contract.



    She was a scholarly woman who had specialized in Italian literature at university.



    We had a lot of trouble levering the roots out.



    She guessed that the letter had something to do with her husband.



    He's had a drop too much of alcohol to drink.



    I had better say a few words by way of explanation.



    We had a few near misses in the first raid.



    Many refugees were forcibly deported back to the countries they had come from.



    She had her leg amputated below the knee.



    The torrential rain had plastered her hair to her head.



    The weather was so hot that three people fainted, and we had to call a doctor to bring them to life.

    天气这么热,有三个人晕倒了, 我们只好请医生来将他们救醒了.


    Never before had he felt himself so powerfully attracted to the idea.



    She complained to me that he had been rude to her.



    The traveler had to fight his way through the tropical forest with an axe.



    I had a medical checkup before going abroad.



    We had mulled wine at the party.



    The front of the house had been sprayed with white paint.



    We had a picnic last Friday.



    As the jewel was in the rough state , he had no idea what size it would be when cut.

    这块宝石未经琢磨, 他不知道加工后有多大.


    The house had been ransacked of all that was worth anything.



    He did not agree until I had talked to him for a long time.



    He had gone when I arrived.



    A quarrel had estranged him from his family.



    He had gambled and roistered and drunk until he dropped in his tracks.



    Sunlight had discoloured the bright red curtain.



    In place of the great trees which had been growing there for centuries, patches of green had begun to appear in the blackened soil.



    Jasper has put up " No Parking'signs outside his gate, but these have not had any effect.

    贾斯珀 “ 把禁止停车”的牌子挂在大门外, 但这没产生什么效果.


    We had a lot of bother finding our way to his house.



  • 真题例句

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    • 高考

    A musher named Kaasen had to brave this storm.

    2016年高考英语北京卷 完形填空 原文

    A neighborhood girl had bought a new bike.

    2016年高考英语浙江卷(6月) 阅读理解 阅读D 选项

    A neighborhood girl I'd played with millions of times appeared with the exact same basket fixed to her shiny, new bike that already had all the bells and whistles.

    2016年高考英语浙江卷(6月) 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

    A seminar leader shared her success story —she had not only 125 pounds, but also raised $25, 000 for homeless children.

    2017年高考英语天津卷 完形填空 原文

    According to Anderson, before 1970, Americans had little idea about environmental problems.

    2014年高考英语全国卷2 阅读理解 阅读B 题设

    Adjusting to an upright position was quite a challenge, especially when the bones had to support an extra-large skull.

    2019年高考英语江苏卷 阅读理解 任务型阅读 原文

    After he steadied himself, he shook Glenn's mother's hand, and the inspection continued as though nothing had happened.

    2015年高考英语湖南卷 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

    After paying the clerk,I still had 5 cents.

    2015年高考英语四川卷 阅读表达 原文

    After receiving the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, Anne Benedict went on to thank all the people who had helped in her career.

    2015年高考英语陕西卷 单项填空 原文

    Again, not a move, the next time, I had my camera ready to record what you see here, one of several dozen such pictures, so long as she had a slice to eat, she never bothered the one on her head.

    2015年高考英语四川卷 完形填空 原文

    Although they began with a small restaurant, they had big dreams, and they worked together.

    2015年高考英语安徽卷 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

    Amazingly, Taylor had just taken a CPR course the day before.

    2017年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 阅读A 原文

    An engineer named Ellis Chesbrough convinced the city that it had no choice but to build the pipes above ground and then cover them with dirt.

    2015年高考英语湖南卷 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

    And dinner time seemed perfect for sharing what we had learned.

    2015年高考英语福建卷 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

    And it was accompanied in the nest by the greatest sight of all — lunch! the parents had done their duty and would probably continue to do so.

    2017年高考英语全国卷1 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

    And the more frequently mothers had called to their eggs, the more similar were the babies' begging calls.

    2017年高考英语江苏卷 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

    And though one of the executives acknowledged that Brutus had the good of the republic in mind, Caesar was nevertheless his superior.

    2015年高考英语上海卷 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

    And years later, she was proud that her son had read thousands of books, was awarded a PhD in literature, and authored his own books, articles, poetry and fiction.

    2015年高考英语天津卷 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

    Another patient noticed what I was reading and struck up a conversation with me because he had one of his books with him as well.

    2015年高考英语江苏卷 完形填空 原文

    As soon as Christiansen saw the photos, he realized why he had failed to spot the caldera.

    2019年高考英语江苏卷 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

    As they left student life behind, many had a last drink at their cheap but friendly local bar, shook hands with longtime roommates, and moved out of small apartments into high buildings.

    2015年高考英语浙江卷 完形填空 原文

    As you go through this book, you will find that each of the millions of people who lived through world war ii had a different experience.

    2015年高考英语湖南卷 单项选择 原文

    At last - she never knew how long it had taken her - she felt solid ground under her feet.

    2016年高考英语浙江卷(10月) 阅读理解 阅读A 原文

    At last they had seen a half-written letter in the pile in which my husband had given his new telephone number to a friend.

    2014年高考英语全国卷2 阅读理解 阅读A 原文

    At the beginning, when friends offered to take her through her paces, I declined because I knew they had their own households to deal with.

    2015年高考英语浙江卷 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

    At the university of Cambridge Turin discovered a wealth of important materials-including photographs, films, tape recordings, and field notes—which had remained unstudied and were badly in need of care and protection.

    2014年高考英语全国卷1 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

    Athens was more and more looked on as a cooperative business possessed of great wealth in which all citizens had a right to share.

    2015年高考英语江苏卷 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

    Aunt Dede, a teacher, had read the book to her students, and they loved it.

    2016年高考英语四川卷 完形填空 原文

    Before I knew it an hour had passed and it was time to move on to lunch.

    2018年高考英语全国卷3 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

    Before people retire, they usually plan to do a lot of great things, which they never had time to do while working.

    2014年高考英语全国卷1 完形填空 原文

    Ben, had got in touch, he'd moved to England with his mum when he was three and it had been 13 years since I'd last seen him.

    2018年高考英语全国卷2 完形填空 原文

    Benjamin was forced to admit what he had been doing.

    2017年高考英语浙江卷(6月) 阅读理解 阅读A 原文

    Bob thought he couldn't go to the party because he had to write a report, but he went after all.

    2018年高考英语天津卷 单项填空 原文

    Both my parents had a great influence upon my choice of work.

    2019年高考英语全国卷I 听力 原文

    Both of us had the qualities and virtues that are typical of American actors: humorous, aggressive, and making fun of each other - but always with an underlying affection.

    2017年高考英语全国卷2 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

    But he said that they were all nice people and he couldn't imagine any of them had done that.

    2015年高考英语北京卷 完形填空 原文

    But so had those who were high in status.

    2019年高考英语全国卷I 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

    But soon, the gold that Dawson depended on had all been found.

    2018年高考英语全国卷3 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

    But when he finally reached her, the woman flooded him with questions: "Who are you? What antique shop?" However, when she hung up, she regretted the way she had handled the call.

    2019年高考英语浙江卷 阅读理解 阅读A 原文

    By January 26, Billy and three other children had died.

    2016年高考英语北京卷 完形填空 原文

    By last year, the Yellowstone wolf population had grown to more than 170 wolves.

    2017年高考英语全国卷3 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

    By mid-1963, the Beatles had been extremely popular in England.

    2019年高考英语浙江卷 阅读理解 七选五 原文

    By the 1920s, wolves had practically disappeared from the Yellowstone area.

    2017年高考英语全国卷3 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

    By the day of the show, more than 300 people had said they would attend.

    2019年高考英语江苏卷 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

    By the time I got home, I only had a few hours to do my homework, and I had to do it right away.

    2018年高考英语浙江卷 完形填空 原文

    California condors attract researchers' interest because they had to be bred in the wild.

    2016年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 阅读C 选项

    Captain Scott had reached the south pole early in 1912 but had died with his four companions on the march back.

    2016年高考英语全国卷2 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

    Many studies show that older parents—today's grandparents—would have called their children more often if the means and cost of doing so had not been a barrier.

    2015年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

    Chinese scientists recently had a chance to study a wild female panda with a newborn baby.

    2016年高考英语四川卷 语法填空 原文

    Dinner ended only after we had a clear understanding of at least half a dozen such facts.

    2015年高考英语福建卷 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

    Ehlers called the number of Jeff and Lisa to tell them he had found their dog.

    2019年高考英语全国卷2 完形填空 原文

    Ehlers thought about the small dog he had seen trembling alongside the road.

    2019年高考英语全国卷2 完形填空 原文

    Emma had never taken herself as a crane and become deeply attached to humans.

    2019年高考英语江苏卷 完形填空 原文

    Erin had gone beyond what almost anyone would have done, finding my house on a bitterly cold night, and for that I was extremely grateful.

    2019年高考英语天津卷 完形填空 原文

    Even as late as 1870 when their numbers had already become smaller, a flock believed to be 1 mile wide and 320 miles about 515 kilometers long was seen near cincinnati.

    2014年高考英语全国卷1 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

    Finally, after more than an hour in the dark and the icy cold, simon had to make a decision.

    2014年高考英语全国卷2 完形填空 原文

    Five minutes after he arrived, he had an emergency call and left.

    2015年高考英语上海卷 听力 原文

    For days the kids have been looking for others we can help! things would have played out so differently if I had simply said, "No, we really don't have money to give more."

    2015年高考英语全国卷1 完形填空 原文

    Four years before, she'd had to offer her paperboy a drink to have someone to talk with.

    2017年高考英语浙江卷(11月) 阅读理解 阅读A 原文

    Frank Hurley's pictures would be outstanding―undoubtedly first-rate photo-journalism―if they had been made last week.

    2016年高考英语全国卷2 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

    Gradually, this noise began to appear during a show, and to get rid of it, I had to change to another channel and then change it back.

    2015年高考英语全国卷2 阅读理解 阅读A 原文

    Growing up, I had people telling me I was too slow, though, with an IQ of 150 at 17, I'm anything but stupid.

    2016年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 阅读A 原文

    Guy Harvold, 24, had picked up the students and three course leaders from Gatwick Airport, and they were travelling to Bournemouth to meet their host families.

    2017年高考英语浙江卷(11月) 完形填空 原文

    Had the governments and scientists not worked together, aids-related deaths would not have fallen since their highest in 2005.

    2016年高考英语浙江卷(6月) 单项选择 原文

    He comforted himself with the thought she had died in the most beautiful part of the country.

    2015年高考英语陕西卷 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

    He got an older model than he had expected.

    2015年高考英语全国卷2 阅读理解 阅读A 选项

    He had a strong desire to free her family from trouble.

    2016年高考英语江苏卷 阅读理解 阅读D 选项

    He had developed some house-moving skills successfully.

    2015年高考英语湖南卷 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

    He had hoped to sell more papers tonight to make more money to buy a cake for his mother and some seeds for his bird.

    2015年高考英语湖北卷 完形填空 原文

    He had more job satisfaction, a better marriage and was healthier.

    2016年高考英语天津卷 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

    He had my full attention and I had his.

    2018年高考英语全国卷3 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

    He had no food or water and he was in terrible pain.

    2014年高考英语全国卷2 完形填空 原文

    He had often watched Grylls' survival show Man vs. Wild.

    2015年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 阅读A 原文

    He had owned that business for 15 years.

    2019年高考英语全国卷I 听力 原文

    He had the rare balance of fun and compassion.

    2017年高考英语全国卷2 完形填空 原文

    He had to leave the trail to get around them.

    2016年高考英语北京卷 完形填空 原文

    He had tried to coax the dog to him but, frightened, it had run off.

    2019年高考英语全国卷2 完形填空 原文

    He had walked for about a mile when a volunteer searcher found him.

    2015年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 阅读A 原文

    He had worked regularly with the school and was very well regarded by the teachers and students.

    2017年高考英语浙江卷(11月) 完形填空 原文

    He had wrinkles next to his eyes when he smiled, yet his smile was still as heartwarming as before, the smile of a father who just wanted a good life for his family.

    2015年高考英语陕西卷 完形填空 原文

    He looked at me for a moment, and then wrote a sentence containing the best advice I've ever had: be bold and brave.

    2015年高考英语天津卷 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

    He might not have done this particularly well, because the teacher told gabriel that he had a good ear and suggested that gabriel go into the music store-room to see if any of the instruments there appealed to him.

    2017年高考英语江苏卷 完形填空 原文

    He said the chickens had never missed a meal and he could not figure out why some of them had stopped laying eggs.

    2016年高考英语浙江卷(10月) 完形填空 原文

    He thought about all the survival shows he had watched on TV.

    2015年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 阅读A 原文

    He tried to hide his obvious pleasure from the music teacher, who had wandered over to listen.

    2017年高考英语江苏卷 完形填空 原文

    He was amazed at what Benjamin had done with his gift.

    2017年高考英语浙江卷(6月) 阅读理解 阅读A 原文

    He was extremely worried as the suitcase had all his important papers, including his passport.

    2014年高考英语全国卷2 阅读理解 阅读A 原文

    He was my secret sharer, but one morning, he was gone, given away to someone who had the space and the money to care for him.

    2015年高考英语天津卷 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

    He was shocked, it was like he did not think anyone would ever know what he had done.

    2016年高考英语浙江卷(10月) 完形填空 原文

    Heading back downtown toward her hotel, her big-city friends were amazed at the turn of events that had changed their big apple dinner into a Mississippi state reunion.

    2016年高考英语全国卷3 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

    Her family had just returned from abroad, and got a message from the vet.

    2015年高考英语重庆卷 完形填空 A 原文

    Her mother Maxime, one of a family of fourteen, had been an athlete herself as a young girl but, like so many other girls in Waterhouse, had to stop after she had her first baby.

    2016年高考英语江苏卷 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

    Her parents had carefully sorted them out, although they had found mainly foreign addresses on most of the documents.

    2014年高考英语全国卷2 阅读理解 阅读A 原文

    Her school had moved to Brooklyn.

    2016年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 阅读B 选项

    Her times were not exactly impressive, but even so, he sensed there was something trying to get out, something the other coaches had overlooked when they had assessed her and found her lacking.

    2016年高考英语江苏卷 阅读理解 阅读D 原文

    His parents always had him weeding the garden, carrying out the garbage and delivering newspapers.

    2016年高考英语天津卷 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

    His presence meant that I had an unexpected teaching assistant in class whose creativity would infect other students.

    2016年高考英语全国卷2 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

    His son had the ability to fix it.

    2016年高考英语天津卷 阅读理解 阅读B 选项

    How long have you had this problem?

    2015年高考英语陕西卷 单项选择 情景对话 选项

    I began to learn this when I had my car crashed.

    2016年高考英语天津卷 阅读理解 阅读B 原文