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  • moody


    • [ˈmuːdi]
    • [ˈmuːdi]


    • adj.
      喜怒无常的; 忧悒的; (无缘无故)不高兴的; 脾气坏的;


  • 词态变化

    • 副词: moodily;
    • 名词: moodiness;
  • 实用场景例句

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    • 喜怒无常的
    • 喜怒无常

    Moody people are very difficult to deal with.



    Her husband had become withdrawn and moody.



    David's mother was unstable and moody.



    My daughter is very difficult, uncommunicative and moody.



    He can be rather moody at times.



    He became moody and unreasonable , flailing out at Katherine at the slightest excuse.

    他变得喜怒无常、不可理喻, 为点鸡毛蒜皮的小事就殴打凯瑟琳.


    When he came, he was silent and moody, and after a few sarcastic remarks he went away.

    他来时默默无言,郁郁不乐, 冷嘲热讽一通之后就走了.


    If he were silent when his father expected some response, still he didn't look moody.

    他的父亲期待他答复什么问题而他沉默不语的时候, 他看来仍然并不忧郁.


    When Hurstwood came, Larrie was moody.

    当赫思渥回家的时候, 嘉莉正在闷闷不乐.


    He is a complicated man— moody, mercurial, with a melancholy streak.



    I overheard someone the other day saying that I was moody and unpredictable.



    'soderbergh does a fine job creating a moody atmosphere of pervasive anxiety. "

    索德伯格 干了件出色的工作——在抑郁的气氛中营造出了一种四处弥漫的焦虑感.


    On the turn of a moment, Gemini can become cynical, biting, moody and quickly angered.

    转变的时刻, 双子座可以成为愤世嫉俗, 尖锐, 喜怒无常和易怒.


    Character is what you are in the dark . ( D . L Moody . USa churchman )

    暗处最能反映一个人真正品格. ( 美国教士穆迪 )


    MURDOCH: Yes, sir. Full ahead, Mr. Moody.

    默道: 是的, 先生. 全速前进, 穆迪先生!


    Adriana : I called it off. He was very moody and often quite difficult to be around.

    我放弃了. 他非常的情绪化,并且常常很难相处.


    Strings, bassoon, tuba, timpani and gran causa ( bass drum ) march along with moody determination.

    弦乐 、 低音管 、 大号 、 定音鼓和低音鼓犹豫着前进.


    He is a complicated man — moody, mercurial, with a melancholy streak.

    他是一个性格复杂的人——喜怒无常, 反复多变, 有些忧郁寡欢.


    Vampires are cool, aloof, beautiful , brooding creatures of the night. Typical moody teenage boys, basically.

    吸血鬼冷酷、孤傲 、 俊美,神秘 、 阴沉、昼伏夜出, 正如喜怒无常的十几岁男孩.


    Marvin's really moody. One day he's happy, and the next day he's sad.

    马文真的很喜怒无常, 前一天还很开心, 隔天却很忧伤.


    Turning, she saw Peter Moody, the restaurant owner, hitting a man on the back.

    她转过身去, 看见饭店的老板彼得·穆迪在拍打一个人的背.


    However, there are selfish and arrogant, irritable, moody, vanity, waste shortcomings.

    但也有自私、自大 、 易怒 、 喜怒无常 、 虚荣 、 浪费等缺点.


    She treated her moody child with indulgence.



    When I am busy, it can sometimes make me feel moody and somewhat forgetful.

    人忙起来的时候真的会引起坏心情, 还会忘记一些事情.


    I'm too much of a neurotic moody person.



    He's a moody guy, one day happy, the next day sad.

    他是个情绪化的人, 今天兴高采烈, 明天就会情绪低落.


    The moody Crab is just too difficult for you to handle.



  • 真题例句

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    Not only does she have a tendency to be moody all the time, but she misses appointments, doesn't follow through on projects, and doesn't seem to plan anything till the last minute.


  • 英英释义


    • 1. showing a brooding ill humor;

      "a dark scowl"

      "the proverbially dour New England Puritan"

      "a glum, hopeless shrug"

      "he sat in moody silence"

      "a morose and unsociable manner"

      "a saturnine, almost misanthropic young genius"- Bruce Bliven

      "a sour temper"

      "a sullen crowd"

    • 2. subject to sharply varying moods;

      "a temperamental opera singer"

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