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  • reminder


    • [rɪˈmaɪndə(r)]
    • [rɪˈmaɪndər]


    • n.
      令人回忆起…的东西; 提醒…的东西; (告知该做某事的)通知单; 提示信;
  • 词态变化

    • 复数: reminders;
  • 实用场景例句

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    The sheer size of the cathedral is a constant reminder of the power of religion.



    The British are about to be given a sharp reminder of what fighting abroad really means.



    The recent outbreaks of cholera are a timely reminder that this disease is still a serious health hazard.



    Violence has broken out in the capital, a stark reminder that the religious tensions are refusing to go away.



    These findings are a reminder that low pay is the other side of the coin of falling unemployment.



    For most people a heart attack is a forceful reminder that they are mortal.



    I have had another reminder from the library.



    It always took a final reminder to get her to pay her share of the rent.



    These ruins are an eloquent reminder of the horrors of war.



    East, North wall housing the remaining rubble as a reminder for the ancient houses.

    东 、 北墙根尚存房屋断垣,为古代居民住宅.


    It's a reminder that each generation ought to find things out for itself.



    Read the reminder before you park your car here. or you'll get a ticket.

    在你停车你的汽车这里之前.读提醒的人. 否则你将会拿一张票.


    It's not as if the Lakers needed the reminder, but Andrew Bynum supplied one anyway.

    这不象是湖人需要暗示, 但是拜纳姆怎么说也是帮助很大.


    She serves as an impressive reminder of the great ships of the past.



    Before the friendship reminder, please restore please own important data preserves the hard disk in!

    友情提醒, 请恢复前请把硬盘内自己的重要数据保存好!


    Meanwhile wage arrears, a grim reminder of Russia's chaotic 1990 s, are ticking ever higher.

    伴随着欠薪, 俄罗斯混乱不堪的90年代被越来越多的人提起.


    A chilling reminder of our superstitious past has been unearthed from a rural farmhouse.



    The QQ reminder sounded and i saw a golden fish icon glittering in the taskbar.



    The activities include handling general customer enquiries, payment reminder and a range of other administrative activities.

    处理一般的客户查询, 付款提醒和一系列其他行政事务.


    We hope with this reminder, however , that you will find it convenient to send your check.

    希望贵方收到此催告信后, 以最方便的方式, 惠寄支票为荷.


    We've a great squad and today a reminder that we're a very good team.



    Automatically set reminders ~~ Applies the default reminder to new items.



    This option allows to hide the reminder shown in this case.



    Really couldn't laugh at this, so I took a photo for keepsakes and as a reminder.

    笑不出来的时候, 自己拍个照留念,记在心上.


    That is an uncomfortable reminder of the way group solidarity works in America.



    Article 43 CSRC shall implement a conversation reminder system for the senior management personnel of securities companies.



    If he does not pay, we send him a reminder with a red ticker on it.

    如果他还不付款, 我们就寄给他一份贴有红纸条的催款单.


    Click to cancel changes made to notification and reminder options and return to Administration overview.



    The first a salutary reminder that infectious disease can hitch a plane ride anywhere.



    A fire burns in the cauldron, as a reminder of the Olympic flame.

    火炬塔里燃烧着一团火焰, 让人想到奥林匹克圣火.


  • 真题例句

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    Sports drinks which are often high in sugar and calories made up most of the food and drink deals, with soft drinks and fast food filling out the reminder.


    He was just saying: "I'm king of this forest, and here is your reminder! " Once his message was delivered, he allowed me to stay and watch.

    2018年高考英语全国卷3 语法填空 原文

    That photo is a reminder, a captured moment, an unspoken conversation between two women, separated only by a thin square of glass.

    2017年高考英语天津卷 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

    The necklace was around my neck, a warm reminder of human kindness.

    2015年高考英语上海卷 语法填空 A 原文

    The crash of Egypt Air Flight 804,which terrorists may have downed over the Mediterranean Sea ,provides another tragic reminder of why.


    A small but vocal group of Hawaiians and environments have long viewed their presence as disrespect for sacred land and a painful reminder of the occupation of what was once a sovereign nation.


  • 英英释义


    • 1. a message that helps you remember something;

      "he ignored his wife's reminders"

    • 2. an experience that causes you to remember something
    • 3. someone who gives a warning so that a mistake can be avoided
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