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  • specifics


    • [spəˈsɪfɪks]
    • [spɪˈsɪfɪks]


    • n.
      详情,细节; 特性; 特效药( specific的名词复数); 特定之物
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    He speaks in concepts rather than specifics.



    I am talking in a general terms and not referring to specifics.



    It's the longest, I can't give you specifics , but it is ass ed fight scene.

    它时间最长, 我不能告诉你有多长, 但它决不是盖的.


    This appendix explains the specifics of XML conventions employed across all UDDI Operator Sites.

    本附录说明了在所有UDDI操作入口站点(OperatorSite )上关于使用XML的一些约定及其细节.


    Yet, the study of evolution too was caught up with the same fixation on specifics.

    然而, 进化研究也往往被对细节的过分执着所纠缠.


    I'll even share some specifics.



    They will benefits of our basic campaign by simply spending a few dollars on specifics.



    He never talked in specifics about his work.



    Wall Street reacted negatively to the announcement, with many investors saying the plan lacked specifics.

    华尔街对这一计划的反应持消极态度, 许多投资者都表示该计划缺乏具体细节.


    What are the specifics?

    最特别的是 什么 ?


    More details and specifics will emerge as the car moves forward in its development cycle.



    At the end of this paper, the specifics of operation mode and suggestions are made.



    Don't ignore the specifics when reading the contract.



    Sellers advertise specifics about what they have to sell, hoping to attract a buyer.

    卖家有针对性地宣传所售商品, 希望打动某位买家.


    She refused to go into x specifics on Meet the Press.



    Buyers may advertise specifics about what they wish to purchase.



    There are, however, wide variations in the specifics, with three main approaches taken.

    不过, 在具体做法上区别很大, 主要有三种方式.


    Gravel root is specifics for dissolving kidney stones and renal calculi.



    GM won't provide further specifics until the agreement is completed, the statement said.



    Where do you feel that? What are the specifics? What's different to you?

    问:你在哪里感受到的? 最特别的是 什么 ?有什么不同 呢 ?


    It'simply makes sense to teach basic skills without teaching the specifics of any single tool.



    I'm inclined punt on this question, and leave it to the specifics of your database design.

    我不准备回答这个问题, 它将取决于你的数据库设计.


    My hands were tied. I could not talk in specifics or generalities.



    The teams have informed the Commissioner's Office of the specifics of the trade.



    There will be more specifics on alignment in the higher classes of texture alignment.



    On specifics, the big Asian powers have also felt more comfortable with Republican policy.

    具体来说, 亚洲大国更为适应共和党的政策.


    Okay, that's the broad plan—let's get down to the specifics.



    Both have fudged their calculations and avoided specifics.



    Things improved when we got down to the specifics.



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    Data on management expenses at the college system and in other state departments will be part of a "business justification" the state will use as officials deliberate the specifics of an outsourcing plan.

    2017年6月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section C

    Between march 10th and march 15h, each winner will be given the specifics of the closing ceremony and the curiosity challenge celebration.

    2014年高考英语全国卷1 阅读理解 阅读A 原文

    These unilateral developments differ in their specifics, but they are all designed to tax multinationals on income and revenue that countries believe they should have a right to tax, even if international tax rules do not grant them that right.

    2020年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ