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  • approach


    • [əˈprəʊtʃ]
    • [əˈproʊtʃ]


    • 常用
    • 高考讲解
    • v.
      接近,临近; 对付,处理; 接洽,要求
    • n.
      方法,方式; 接近,来临; 接洽,要求; 途径,道路; 相似的事物
  • 词态变化

    • 复数: approaches;
    • 第三人称单数: approaches;
    • 过去式: approached;
    • 过去分词: approached;
    • 现在分词: approaching;
  • 实用场景例句

    • 全部
    • 接近
    • 走近
    • 靠近
    • 着手处理
    • 方法
    • 途径

    She resented his persistent approaches.



    All the approaches to the palace were guarded by troops.



    The club has made an approach to a local company for sponsorship.



    profits approaching 30 million dollars

    接近3 000万元的利润


    Few writers approach his richness of language.



    What's the best way of approaching this problem?



    The school has decided to adopt a different approach to discipline.



    She took the wrong approach in her dealings with them.



    She hadn't heard his approach and jumped as the door opened.



    the approach of spring



    Winter is approaching.



    As you approach the town, you'll see the college on the left.



    She approached the bank for a loan.



    We have been approached by a number of companies that are interested in our product.



    I'd like to ask his opinion but I find him difficult to approach (= not easy to talk to in a friendly way) .



    We heard the sound of an approaching car/a car approaching.



    Oil prices have approached their highest level for almost ten years...



    Mansell will race at average speeds approaching 200mph.



    He didn't approach the front door at once...



    When I approached, they grew silent...



    The path serves as an approach to the boat house.



    When Chappel approached me about the job, my first reaction was of disbelief...



    He approached me to create and design the restaurant...



    The Bank has approached the issue in a practical way...



    Employers are interested in how you approach problems.



    We will be exploring different approaches to gathering information.



    ...the adversarial approach of the British legal system.



    As autumn approached, the plants and colours in the garden changed.



    ...the approaching crisis.



    We approach the end of the year with the economy slowing and little sign of cheer.



  • 真题例句

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    • 考研

    It's the stage in the middle of the journey when people feel youth vanishing, their prospects narrowing and death approaching.


    It may see old-age diseases approaching.


    When your elderly relative needs to enter some sort of long-term care facility—a moment few parents or children approach without fear—what you would like is to have everything made clear.


    While reformulating recipes ( ' , 配方) is one way to improve public health, it should be part of a multisided approach.


    To deal with obesity, a mixture of approaches—including reformulation, taxation and adjusting portion sizes—will be needed.


    They're also only a single layer in what should ideally be a many-sided approach to securing your home, one that includes common sense things like sound locks and proper exterior lighting at night.


    That approach will eliminate most cord-cutting concerns—but what about their wireless equivalent, jamming? With the right device tuned to the right frequency, what's to stop a thief from jamming your setup and blocking that alert signal from ever reaching the base station?Jamming concerns are nothing new, and they're not unique to security systems.


    Adopt a flexible approach to solving problems.


    It is approaching its downfall.


    Teachers could encourage boys to enjoy reading and writing with "boy-focused" approaches such as themes and characters that appeal to them.


    For example, a Colombian who wants someone to approach him often signals with a hand movement in which all the fingers of one hand, cupped, point downward as they move rapidly back and forth.


    The danger of this approach is that tomorrow may come after all.


    You maybe surprise to hear me say that if you must pick an extreme I think it's better to pick the spend-all approach


    A multi-stage life will have profound changes not just in how you manage your career, but also in your approach to life.

    2019年6月四级真题(第一套)阅读 Section B

    At follow-up meetings, he urged parents to join him in advocating a "whole child" approach to schooling that respects "social-emotional development" and "deep and meaningful learning" over academics alone.

    2018年6月四级真题(第一套)阅读 Section B

    That approach will eliminate most cord-cutting concerns—but what about their wireless equivalent, jamming?

    2016年12月四级真题(第一套)阅读 Section B

    While reformulating recipes is one way to improve public health, it should be part of a multi-sided approach.

    2016年12月四级真题(第二套)阅读 Section C

    There are benefits to both approaches.


    That approach also offers fiscal benefits.


    Parenting approaches of working-class and affluent families both have advantages.


    In American Woman's Home, published in 1869, the Beecher sisters recommended a scientific approach to household management, designed to enhance the efficiency of a woman's work and promote order.


    Researchers at Duke University scrutinized more than 160 published studies and found an absence of strong evidence that any of these approaches can make a big difference.


    This approach has led over time to a fall in smoking with numbers having roughly halved since the 1970s.


    The outdated educational approach.


    If you want to change his course, you have only a few choices: you can stop him, transferring ( ' , possibly painfully) some of his kinetic energy ( ' , 动能 ) to your own body, or you can approach alongside and slowly apply pressure to gradually alter his course.


    Why does love die?Changing technology and markets have stimulated the team approach tomanagement.


    The Home Depot approach to craftsmanship - simplify it, dumb it down, hire a contractor - is one signal that mastering tools and working with one's hands is receding in America as a hobby, as a valued skill, as a cultural influence that shaped thinking and behavior in vast sections of the country.


    I strongly disagree with this approach.


    In the meantime, the amount of CO2 in the air is rapidly approaching the limits proposed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).


    When the Commerce Department reported last week that the trade deficit in June approached $50 billion, it set off a new round of economic doom saying


    But schools rarely dig down to find out what really makes an applicant succeed, to create a class which also contains diversity of attitude and approach – arguably the only diversity that, in a business context, really matters.


    Attitude and approach to business


    When is a scientific approach best embodied in a negotiation according to the man?


    Well, if I were you, I'd let her cool off a few days before I approach her.


    "I've had more feedback in a passive approach," he says.

    2019年6月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section C

    As noted above, indifferent relationships may not always be the most helpful approach in resolving some of the issues that pop up at work.

    2019年6月六级真题(第三套)阅读 Section C

    Changing technology and markets have stimulated the team approach to management.

    2015年12月六级真题(第二套)听力 Section B

    If you want to change his course, you have only a few choices: you can stop him, transferring possibly painfullysome of his kinetic energy to your own body, or toucan approach alongside and slowly apply pressure to gradually alter his course.

    2015年12月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section B

    In recent years, many mid-sized cities have begun to adopt a middle-of-the-road approach incorporating the excitement and opportunity of large cities with small cities' quiet after midnight.

    2017年12月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section C

    It's an approach not dictated by the confines of conventional large scale agriculture lead by international corporations.

    2019年12月六级真题(第二套)听力 Section B

    Their approach is flexible enough that in principle other important quality-of-life changes could be incorporated—for example, decreases in total emissions of pollutants and declines in crime rate.

    2018年6月六级真题(第三套)阅读 Section C

    This is evidence of an experimental approach.

    2019年12月六级真题(第二套)听力 Section B

    Today, I want to discuss with you a new approach to empirical research.

    2019年6月六级真题(第二套)听力 Section C

    We often take a militaristic, "tough" approach to resilience and determination like a Marine pulling himself through the mud, a boxer going one more round, or a football player picking himself up off the ground for one more play.

    2018年12月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section B

    Yuuji kimura and colleagues in Japan tried a more physical approach.

    2019年6月六级真题(第三套)阅读 Section A

    A rethink is required - and as a new approach starts to become apparent, two ideas stand out.

    2017年高考英语江苏卷 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

    Absorbed in painting, john didn't notice evening approaching.

    2015年高考英语天津卷 单项填空 原文

    Approaching the vehicle, they saw that a woman was trying to get out of the broken window.

    2016年高考英语全国卷1 完形填空 原文

    As I approached mile 23, I could see my wife waving a sign.

    2018年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 阅读A 原文

    As the end of school approaches, and school vacation reading lists loom ahead, parents might take this chance to step in and make their own summer reading list and plan a family trip to the library or bookstore.

    2018年高考英语全国卷2 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

    As you approach people, be polite.

    2017年高考英语浙江卷(6月) 阅读理解 七选五 原文

    But as the 200th anniversary of his birth approaches, it is possible—and important for our own culture—to understand how he made himself a lasting one.

    2018年高考英语浙江卷 阅读理解 阅读A 原文

    China's approach to protecting its environment while feeding its citizens " offers useful lessons for agriculture and food policymakers worldwide.

    2018年高考英语全国卷2 语法填空 原文

    However, here are some examples: being cut off in traffic, a deadline approaching, experiencing physical pain, and much more.

    2018年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 七选五 原文

    It starts with looking inside yourself and understanding who you are with respect to the natural world and how you approach the gardening process.

    2016年高考英语全国卷2 阅读理解 七选五 原文

    Just as I approached my car, I saw the woman I'd let have my car spot earlier.

    2015年高考英语上海卷 语法填空 A 原文

    Observe signs to approach nesting birds.

    2015年高考英语江苏卷 阅读理解 阅读A 选项

    Once lighthouses had telephones, keepers would call each other to warn that the inspector was approaching.

    2015年高考英语湖南卷 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

    Over the years, there have been a number of different techniques to help designers approach this important point.

    2018年高考英语全国卷I 阅读理解 七选五 原文

    She also approached dentists to learn more about teeth cleaning.

    2019年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

    Then nine days later, a fire burned the approached to the ground.

    2017年高考英语浙江卷(6月) 完形填空 原文

    They settled in at a comfortable east side cafe and within minutes, another customer was approaching their table.

    2016年高考英语全国卷3 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

    They took a more reasonable approach, conveying to their children how success at school could improve their lives.

    2015年高考英语陕西卷 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

    Thirty years later, a woman approached me in a public place.

    2018年高考英语天津卷 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

    Though their ranges and tools differ, the baby's investigation and the scientist's experiment appear to share the same aim, overall approach, and logic.

    2016年高考英语浙江卷(6月) 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

    Unfortunately, just as I took out my camera, a woman approached from behind, and planted herself right in front of my view.

    2017年高考英语天津卷 阅读理解 阅读B 原文

    We are finally waking up to the severity of the problem by supporting and developing a group of tools, apps and approaches intended to prevent scammers from getting through.

    2019年高考英语北京卷 阅读理解 阅读C 原文

    To take this approach to the New Englanders normally mean to start with the Puritans’ theological innovations and their distinctive ideas about the church-important subjects that we may not neglect.


    Researchers in the late 1960 covered that humans are born with the capacity to approach challenges in four primary ways: analytically, procedurally, relationally ( ' , or collaboratively) and innovatively.


    Historical particularism became a dominant approach to the study of culture in American anthropology, largely through the influence of many students of Boas.


    The first and more important is the consumer's growing preference for eating out: the consumption of food and drink in places other than homes has risen from about 32 percent of total consumption in 1995 to 35 percent in 2000 and is expected to approach 38 percent by 2005.


    The way consumers now approach the broad range of factors beyond conventional paid media.


    The second, by Joshua Greenberg, takes a more empirical approach to universality identifying traits ( ' , particularly in word order) shared by many language which are considered to represent biases that result from cognitive constraints.


    In physics, one approach takes this impulse for unification to its extreme, and seeks a theory of everything-a single generative equation for all we see.


    This impact will not only be through the publications in Science itself, but hopefully through a larger group of publishing places that may want to model their approach after Science.


    Only Ukip, sensing its chance, has sided with those pleading for a more considered approach to using green land Its Campaign to Protect Rural England struck terror into many local Conservative parties.


    That is a necessary and practical approach.


    Soon after Sketches by Boz appeared, a publishing firm approached Dickens to write a story in monthly installments, as a backdrop for a series of woodcuts by the ten-famous artist Robert Seymour, who had originated the idea for the story.


    Another approach to getting more done in less time is to rethink how you prioritize your day—in particular how we craft our to-do lists.

    2018年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

    But a group of researchers at Stanford University, led by Ilan Kroo, has suggested that airlines could take a more naturalistic approach to cutting jet-fuel use and it would not require them to buy new aircraft.

    2010年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

    But the article is actually quite optimistic, as it outlines a potential solution to this problem, suggesting that an approach can close 63 percent of the achievement gap between first-generation and other students.

    2015年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

    historical particularism became a dominant approach to the study of culture in American anthropology, largely through the influence of many students of Boas.

    2009年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

    In effect, the approach would create a "walled garden" in cyberspace, with safe"neighbor hoods" and bright "streetlights" to establish a sense of a trusted community.

    2011年考研真题(英语二)完形填空 Section Ⅰ

    It turned from God and the authority of the Roman Catholic Church and instead favoured a more humanistic approach to being.

    2020年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

    It's just that individual actions are too slow, she says, for that to be the only, or even primary, approach to changing widespread behavior.

    2019年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

    Only Ukip, sensing its chance, has sided with those pleading for a more considered approach to using green land.

    2016年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

    Researchers in the late 1960s discovered that humans are born with the capacity to approach challenges in four primary ways: analytically, procedurally, relationally and innovatively.

    2009年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

    Some applaud the approach; others are concerned.

    2011年考研真题(英语二)完形填空 Section Ⅰ

    The approach contrasts with one that would require an Internet driver's license issued by the government.

    2011年考研真题(英语二)完形填空 Section Ⅰ

    The first and more important is the consumer's growing preference for eating out: the consumption of food and drink in places other than homes has risen from about 32 percent of total consumption in 1995 to 35 percent in 2000and is expected to approach 38

    2010年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

    The way consumers now approach the process of making purchase decisions means that marketing's impact stems from a broad range of factors beyond conventional paid media.

    2011年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

    There are a number of approaches to mastering the art of deep work—be it lengthy retreats dedicated to a specific task; developing a daily ritual; or taking a "journalistic" approach to seizing moments of deep work when you can throughout the day.

    2018年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

    Thinking of time as a resource to be maximized means you approach it instrumentally, judging any given moment as well spent only in so far as it advances progress toward some goal.

    2016年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

    This could be no more than a passing literary craze, but it also points to a broader truth about how we now approach the past: less concerned with learning from forefathers and more interested in feeling their pain.

    2012年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

    To take this approach to the New Englanders normally means to start with the Puritans' theological innovations and their distinctive ideas about the church -- important subjects that we may not neglect.

    2009年考研真题(英语一)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

    Whichever approach, the key is to determine your length of focus time and stick to it.

    2018年考研真题(英语二)阅读理解 Section Ⅱ

  • 英英释义


    • 1. ideas or actions intended to deal with a problem or situation;

      "his approach to every problem is to draw up a list of pros and cons"

      "an attack on inflation"

      "his plan of attack was misguided"

    • 2. the act of drawing spatially closer to something;

      "the hunter's approach scattered the geese"

    • 3. a way of entering or leaving;

      "he took a wrong turn on the access to the bridge"

    • 4. the final path followed by an aircraft as it is landing
    • 5. the event of one object coming closer to another
    • 6. a tentative suggestion designed to elicit the reactions of others;

      "she rejected his advances"

    • 7. the temporal property of becoming nearer in time;

      "the approach of winter"

    • 8. a close approximation;

      "the nearest approach to genius"

    • 9. a relatively short golf shot intended to put the ball onto the putting green;

      "he lost the hole when his approach rolled over the green"


    • 1. move towards;

      "We were approaching our destination"

      "They are drawing near"

      "The enemy army came nearer and nearer"

    • 2. come near or verge on, resemble, come nearer in quality, or character;

      "This borders on discrimination!"

      "His playing approaches that of Horowitz"

    • 3. begin to deal with;

      "approach a task"

      "go about a difficult problem"

      "approach a new project"

    • 4. come near in time;

      "Winter is approaching"

      "approaching old age"

    • 5. make advances to someone, usually with a proposal or suggestion;

      "I was approached by the President to serve as his adviser in foreign matters"

  • 词根词缀

    词根: proach


    • adj.

      approachable 可接近的,随和的


      reproachable 应责备的


    • n.

      approach 接近;途径,入门;方式,方法


    • n.&v.

      reproach 责备,指责


    • v.

      approach 靠近,接近


  • 同义词辨析

    manner, method, way, mode, fashion, means, approach


    • manner: 多指行动的特殊方式或独特的方法。
    • method: 指有系统、有条理地办事或解决问题的方法。
    • way: 普通用词,可指一般的方法,有时也指个人的方法或方式,也可指特殊的方式或方法。
    • mode: 书面用词,常指因个人爱好或传统习俗等因素而遵循的方法。
    • fashion: 着重独特的程序或方式,尤指个人的偏爱或习惯。
    • means: 指为达到某种目的或目标而采用的方法、手段或途径。
    • approach: 指从事某事的特别方法、途径。
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