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  • multiplex

    • [ˈmʌltɪpleks]
    • [ˈmʌltəˌplɛks]


    • n.
      多厅影院,多剧场影剧院; 多路;
  • 词态变化

    • 复数: multiplexes;
  • 实用场景例句

    • 全部
    • 多元的
    • 多厅影院
    • 多路
    • 多路传输
    • 多路复用

    Figure 1 illustrates the concept of a multiplex wiring system.



    Switching configuration required ( for example, multiplex, matrix, etc. ).

    所需要的切换配置 ( 例如, 复用器 、 矩阵等 ).


    Multiplex and WNSL remain committed to delivering the stadium at the earliest possible date.



    Electromagnetic valve is often used to detect and control the status of multiplex signal.



    Pneumonia is one of the common and multiplex diseases in clinical practice.



    Dario: How about a movie? We could head down to the multiplex.

    达里奥: 去看场电影 怎么样 ?我们可以去影城.


    I love going to see a good monster movie and being scared in the dark multiplex.



    Edna: I saw it at the multiplex last year.

    埃德娜: 去年我在影城看了.


    Domestic trade and the import and export business and so on, adopt the multiplex management system.

    防盗、考勤、门禁设备;国内贸易;进出口业务等, 采用多元化经营.


    In the broadcast domain, filter and insert content multiplex by being aware of the programming information.

    在广播领域, 通过了解节目信息而对内容进行滤波和插入.


    Objective To establish a canine multiplex system for individual discrimination and paternity identification.



    Two buses on the Model 7169 A are jumpered to change their configuration from switch to multiplex.



    Methods: Seven genes of stx 1, stx 2, hly, eaeA , uidA , rfbE , fliC from different strains were detected by PCR and multiplex PCR.

    方法: 利用单一PCR和多重聚合酶链反应(mPCR) 检测不同来源菌株志贺样毒素(stx1和stx2) 、 溶血素( hly )、粘附抹平因子(eaeA) 、 β-葡糖醛酸糖苷酶(uidA )、O157抗原编码(rfbE) 、 H7鞭毛抗原编码(fliC)基因.


    International safety dilemma has multiplex structural dimension such as imbalance, extreme of religionism and nationalism, terrorism.

    国际安全困境存在多元结构性维度:非均势化 、 宗教主义和民族主义极端化 、 恐怖主义化.


    Thomas Edison invents multiplex telegraphy.



    Finally, the excellence of this multiplex forward converter is verified by experiment.



    Is the famous auto city , SenLinCheng and multiplex, science and technology.

    是闻名中外的汽车城、电影城 、 科技文化城和森林城.


    To increase the effectively transmitted bandwidth, digital multiplex channel modulation is employed to implement SSB modulation.

    为了提高载波机的有效传输带宽, 可采用多路数字韦瓦复调制的原理来实现载波机的单边带调制.


    Orthogonal frequency division multiplex ( OFDM ) is an effective method to realize high data rate transmission.

    正交频分复用 ( OFDM ) 是实现高速数据传输的一种有效方法.


    These extra costs are likely to cause dispute between WNSL and Multiplex.



    With the essence of difference and multiplex, postmodernism becomes the origin and basis of multiculturalism.



    Use of one channel for several messages by timedivision multiplex or frequency division.



    This paper describes the Multiplex TimeConversion ( TDC ) system used in Electron Energy Loss Coincident Spectrometer ( EELCS ).



  • 英英释义


    • 1. communicates two or more signals over a common channel


    • 1. many and varied; having many features or forms;

      "manifold reasons"

      "our manifold failings"

      "manifold intelligence"

      "the multiplex opportunities in high technology"

    • 2. having many parts or aspects;

      "the multiplex problem of drug abuse"

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      多倍仪   航摄像片按比例缩小的透明正片和投影器,根据光学投影和互补色原理模拟摄影光线束,通过定向,建立立体模型并进行量测和测图的立体测图仪。   

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